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1000 Kenya Police Officers to Head to Haiti

As Kenya readies its police force for this mission, it is imperative for the officers to be aware of the potential challenges they may face.

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Ruto’s Housing Agenda Raises Concerns: A Flashback to Kenya’s Troubled Past

In recent days, President William Ruto has stirred controversy with his housing agenda, raising concerns about potential consequences that echo a dark chapter in Kenya’s history.

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William Ruto: The King of Double Speak and Unfulfilled Promises

However, his actions in office have revealed a stark contrast to his pre-election promises, raising concerns about his credibility and commitment to fulfilling his pledges.

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Kenya at the Crossroads: A Nation Under Judgment

Introduction Kenya, a nation known for its diverse culture, stunning landscapes, and resilient people, now stands at a crossroads. The signs of impending judgment are becoming all too clear, as the nation grapples with a series of challenges stemming from the actions of its leaders. From political mismanagement to unjust policies, Kenya’s path seems eerily […]

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William Ruto’s Dance with the West: A Puppet in Pan-Africanist Clothing

In the ever-evolving world of international politics, Kenya’s President William Ruto finds himself in a precarious position, walking a tightrope between his professed Pan-African ideals and his actions as a puppet manipulated by Western powers. Ruto’s ascent to power in the 2022 General Election may have been facilitated by Western support, but the implications of […]

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Navigating Economic Challenges: Strategies for Kenyan Employees and Investors

I don’t believe politicians, and I don’t trust government. If you do either you are a sucker.~David Ndii

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The Danger of Special Units: A Threat to Citizen Freedom in Kenya and Beyond

Introduction: In Kenya, the recent formation of an Operation Support Unit (OSU), reportedly tasked with eliminating individuals who speak out or oppose the current regime, raises serious concerns about the erosion of citizen freedoms and the violation of constitutional rights. This unit, led by one Zachary Kariuki, has drawn attention due to its similarities with […]

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7 Biblical Signs of Judgment In Kenya

When we think of the word “judgment,” we create up images of the Most High raining down fire upon Sodom or bringing a flood upon the earth (Genesis 6-8, Genesis 19). However, Scripture teaches much more subtle and gradual forms of judgment that can take generations to complete. The following are seven biblical signs of […]

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