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“A Call to Repentance: Preparing for Atonement and Restoring Blessings”

As the Bantu prepares for the Day of Atonement, it is an opportune moment to reflect on the consequences of unrepentant actions.

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David’s Path to Redemption and True Repentance

David’s profound understanding that repentance is not merely seeking forgiveness but an ongoing commitment to righteousness

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7 Biblical Signs of Judgment In Kenya

When we think of the word “judgment,” we create up images of the Most High raining down fire upon Sodom or bringing a flood upon the earth (Genesis 6-8, Genesis 19). However, Scripture teaches much more subtle and gradual forms of judgment that can take generations to complete. The following are seven biblical signs of […]

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Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation?

Millions of Christians around the world believe in the doctrine called, “Once saved always saved.” They use bible verses such as John 10:27-28 to justify their belief

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The Heart is Sinful and Desperately Wicked in Need of a Savior

We’ve exchanged shame and morals for wokeness in this generation, the kind of things that we are proud of in this generation would even make demons ashamed.

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