7 Biblical Signs of Judgment In Kenya

7 Biblical Signs of Judgment In Kenya

When we think of the word “judgment,” we create up images of the Most High raining down fire upon Sodom or bringing a flood upon the earth (Genesis 6-8, Genesis 19). However, Scripture teaches much more subtle and gradual forms of judgment that can take generations to complete. The following are seven biblical signs of judgment upon Kenya: 

  1. They disinherit themselves by disobedience to the Cultural Mandate.

The first commandment God gave a man and a woman in Genesis 1:28 was to have children (“bear fruit and multiply”). The birth rates drastically drop when a nation departs from its belief in God (intuitively disobeys Genesis 1:28) and becomes secular regarding its worldview. This often pells trouble for its future. It is common sense that if a nation averages only two births per family, it is enough to maintain the population. Less than two children per family means a population decline. It takes at least three births per family to increase a nation’s population (without vast increases in immigration). When a nation’s birthrate decreases, the average age of that nation gets higher. Eventually, there will not be enough young people paying taxes to support social security and retirement benefits. The result is that a nation can dis-inherit itself financially through de-population.

2. God gives a nation the leader it deserves. 

Often God judges a nation by giving them the executive leader they deserve. We see this in 1 Samuel 8-9 when Israel desired a king like the nations around them. The Most High granted them their want, even though it dishonored The Most High headship over the nation. The Most High often gives a nation a leader that reflects its people’s rebellious wishes and carnal desires. In other words, one form of judgment is to grant a nation a leader who reflects the unethical ethos of the surrounding culture and society. We have seen this in this country in the past several years with several past administrations and even with this current regime. We often were left with leaders who reflected our nation’s anger, narcissism, deception, and unethical ethos. Indeed, our votes reflect the leadership we both desire and deserve!

Dark cloud hangs in Kisii as crime, murder and suicide cases escalate

3. They turn on themselves as a nation divided. 

One of the judgments God brings upon a nation is when its people turn against each other in violence and oppression (Isaiah 3:5). We see this tactic used when God brought judgment upon the Philistines. God brought confusion into their camp when every man turned his sword against his neighbor (1 Samuel 14:20). Jesus said that a house divided against itself could not stand (Mark 3:5). When we see an increase in crimes within our cities, with people killing each other within their communities, it’s evidence of another form of judgment.

71-year-old Kiambu woman butchered, head chopped off

4. They become pleasure seeking more than responsible citizens. 

The Bible teaches us that God eventually removes them when a nation has a metanarrative of pleasure-seeking, pride, abundance, and lack of care for the weak and needy (Ezekiel 16:49-50). Our leaders have become obsessed with themselves and their prosperity, failing to exhibit concern to their needy neighbors. I am especially concerned with the younger generation known as the “selfie generation,” for good reason. Rampant narcissism has become a national epidemic. This is bringing a gradual judgment upon our nation as we become less and less responsible for others commensurate with our self-obsessive lifestyles.

5. They have false prophets as preachers of peace. 

During the days of Jeremiah and Micaiah, the false prophets who preached peace and safety greatly outnumbered righteous prophets who refused to dishonor God and conform to cultural group think (Jeremiah 23, 1 Kings 22). During the days of Jeremiah, these false prophets prophesied Jerusalem would have peace and safety even though they were about to be plundered by Babylon (Jeremiah 23:16-17). Paul, the apostle, said that people heap up teachers with itching ears who will preach what the people, or culture, desire to hear (2 Timothy 4:3). Consequently, when a nation has a preponderance of preachers who preach flowery messages dealing with prosperity, blessing, and self-fulfillment, refusing to call the people to repent, it is a sign that a nation is sinking under the judgment of God.


6. The nation condones bloodletting. 

God hates the shedding of innocent blood, according to Proverbs 6:17. According to Numbers 35:30-34, when innocent blood is shed in a nation, the whole land becomes defiled. Since 1992, Kenya has been experiencing Post Election Violence this was mostly witnessed in Rift-Valley and parts of Western Kenya. People lost their lives and property, and this is something that has been happening in every election cycle and as nation, we have never taken time to repent and ask God for forgiveness. Consequently, the whole land is now defiled and is reaping the consequences. Child killing denigrates the value of all human life. According to Proverbs 1:18, those who shed innocent blood lie in wait for their own blood. Hence, Kenya has been and is setting itself up for its destruction unless there is mass repentance, we can’t dodge the bullet.

7. The innocent and vulnerable become prey. 

Scripture teaches us to speak for those who cannot defend themselves and plead the case of the poor and needy (Proverbs 31:8-9). In Kenya, many of the weakest and vulnerable among us, such as the elderly, Children, the poor, etc, are the victims of scams, robberies. Also, there are still sex trafficking disguised as Arab jobs that target our innocent sisters and brothers. Furthermore, the criminal justice system is set up to favor the rich politicians and the haves and condemn the poor. When a nation allows a culture of social injustice, it violates one of God’s major requirements for people to dwell safely in their land (Deuteronomy 16:20).

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Kenyans have been ignorant of this God’s voice but time is at hand and you will never ignore it no more. Even the so called ‘men of God’ in Kenya, Christian television and radio stations have been blinded. They are prophesying prosperity when thunder storms and a heavy cloud of judgment is clearly seeing hanging above Kenya. They are ignorant of the facts and the truths.

In closing, half of this nation will be angry and divided no matter who gets elected.  Only a national revival leading to a massive reformation of society can stop this rush towards self-destruction. May the church arise to the occasion and prophetically align the nation under God.

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