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Congo’s Silent Suffering: A Call to Action

In the heart of Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is grappling with a devastating conflict that has left its people in the grip of fear

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The Story of Emperor Mansa Musa Keita

Upon assuming the government of Mali, he gained the title of Mansa which means king & expanded the wealth of the empire that was concentrated in the era of gold

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William Ruto’s Dance with the West: A Puppet in Pan-Africanist Clothing

In the ever-evolving world of international politics, Kenya’s President William Ruto finds himself in a precarious position, walking a tightrope between his professed Pan-African ideals and his actions as a puppet manipulated by Western powers. Ruto’s ascent to power in the 2022 General Election may have been facilitated by Western support, but the implications of […]

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A Resurgence of Empowerment: Africa’s Awakening and the Liberation of Gabon

The awakening in Gabon is not merely a shift in leadership; it signifies a collective demand for genuine autonomy and a break from the chains that once bound the nation.

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The Taboo of Cousin Marriage in Africa: Cultural, Religious, and Medical Perspectives

Across Africa, cousin marriage has long been considered a taboo. Traditional societies emphasize the importance of exogamy – marrying outside one’s clan or family.

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The Awakening in Africa Cannot Be Stopped

As the late Patrice Lumumba, the former Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo, aptly noted, Africans are determined to write their history—one that embodies glory and dignity.

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The Bible is An African Story: Let’s Examine The Scriptures-Part 1

Did you know the Bible is the book of Africa and most of the personalities in it are Africans, even the son of the Most High? The Bible as it is today has been seriously whitewashed. The white man became interested of our story and therefore for them to own it, they had to change […]

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Mulogoli Words and Ways-Build Your Vocabulary

This short introduction to the Maragoli language is meant to add to our efforts of sharing the spirit of mulembe through language, by frequently using Luhya words to bring to life our content. We do this as a gentle way for non-native Luhya speakers to learn Luhya easy, free and fast. Mwodi Sorry. Umwimani Refers to a person who […]

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Where Is The Richest Place On Earth?

Let’s be realistic, the Most High is not a deceiver as to give a tiny piece of land for such a multitude of people to inherit.

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