Where Is The Richest Place On Earth?

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Where Is The Richest Place On Earth?

By Majaliwa Machinda

I invite you to discuss and answer this question: Where is the richest place on earth? The richest place on earth is Sub-Saharan Africa, the true Biblical Promised Land, everything is found there. Someone please explain to me how is the land of Canaan; also known as the promised land not in Africa when Ham; the father of Canaan is an African? All Hamites are Africans and not the other way round, yes the descendants of Phut, Mizraim, Cush and Canaan are all Africans/blacks/dark skin. Now if Ham’s children inherited part of Africa, and the land of Canaan the son of Ham was given to the biblical Israelites, then how are we looking for them/it in Middle East or any place else? How did the Israelites spend 40 years from Egypt to Canaan if it’s just next door?

First of all, they call Africa the dark continent not because of our dark skin tones, but because our history is the most overlooked and certainly white washed. So let us shade some light to the truth, the Negros/Bantu are not Hamites or descendants of Ham; as the Zodiac bible dictionary confirms, but they are the biblical lost tribes of Israel scattered to the four corners of the world Deuteronomy 28; not to be confused with the modern day Ashkenazi Jews(converts of Judaism religion), the children of Israel were many times confused with Egyptians (Blacks) and that’s because they were themselves black (Lemba) and we’ve proven this. They are supposed to be as many as the stars in the sky and as the sand of the seashore Genesis 22:17, and the promised land is supposed to be flowing in milk and honey Exodus 33: 1-3, if so how do you explain the tiny dry stolen land in Middle East as the promised land which was just Palestine up until the West decided it to be Israel in May 1948?

The land of Canaan is Sub-Saharan Africa, there’s a massive Sahara desert from Egypt to Central Africa, there’s another desert down south(Kalahari), there’s also a landmass with fascinating rivers, endless mountain ranges and paradisiac rain forest that if one had to walk the whole journey; by the Most High’s will, may spend 40 years on the road. There are over 600 Bantu speaking clans/tribes in Sub-Saharan Africa, there are many more Bantu people scattered throughout the world, in the bible, the Most High speaks of their offspring and daughters of their dispersed shall bring Him offerings from beyond the rivers of Ethiopia; from Central Africa to Southern Africa, from Kenya in the East to Nigeria in the West Zephaniah 3:10, remember we are all to be gathered and reunited at a point in the promised land Jeremiah 23:3, now imagine us squeezing into that blasphemous tiny stolen peace of land in Middle East?

Let’s be realistic, the Most High is not a deceiver as to give a tiny piece of land for such a multitude of people to inherit. A good question we should all be asking ourselves is, why do they want to keep our focus out of Africa? While they emptied the continent with both Trans Atlantic and Indian Ocean slavery, while they have killed and continue killing millions of people in Africa through man made vaccines, sterilization, fueled wars and mass genocides, while they have been stealing our natural resources for the last 400 years and more, while they are all investing in Africa, their people; the so called Afrikaans can’t seem to let go off that land of Ham? The truth of the matter is that, they want an Africa without the Africans so they can make it their own earthly paradise. They want us all out but they know if and when we all wake up to this fact, when the sleeping lions finally awaken, we will have the intention to reunite and rebuild and they won’t stand a chance.

We are the most blessed, the most envied, the most hated and the most spiritually strong people on earth but we are too brainwashed to see it thanks to slavery and colonialism, every biblical account is about us and happened around Africa, we were here before anyone else, every animal that’s mentioned in the bible is in Africa, the LION of Judah is from Africa, the lion Samson killed was in Africa, almost all the animals Noah took onboard with him are found mostly in Africa. Think about it, stop being deceived by the western selective narratives. Reflect on this as you enjoy the beauty of African wildlife, nature wonders and mega cities. Bless you all

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