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Navigating Economic Challenges: Strategies for Kenyan Employees and Investors

I don’t believe politicians, and I don’t trust government. If you do either you are a sucker.~David Ndii

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William Ruto: A Perceived Tyrant Emerges in Kenya’s Political Landscape

In recent years, Kenya has witnessed the rise of William Ruto, a charismatic and controversial figure in the country’s political scene. Presented as a devout and God-fearing leader during his 2018 presidential campaign, Ruto sought to embody the aspirations of the people. However, as events unfolded, a darker side of his character emerged, leading many […]

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The Emergence Of BRICS and How It Is Reshaping The Global Economy

In the past few decades, the global economic landscape has undergone significant changes with the emergence of BRICS countries. BRICS is an acronym that stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, representing some of the world’s fastest-growing economies. These countries have collectively gained a strong foothold in the world economy, reshaping the way […]

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The Current Global Financial Meltdown and What to Expect In the coming Days!

The global financial meltdown of 2008 was a pivotal moment in the history of the global economy. The crisis was characterized by a widespread collapse of financial markets, which resulted in the loss of trillions of dollars in wealth, the collapse of major financial institutions, and a sharp rise in unemployment and poverty rates. The […]

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