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The Danger of Special Units: A Threat to Citizen Freedom in Kenya and Beyond

Introduction: In Kenya, the recent formation of an Operation Support Unit (OSU), reportedly tasked with eliminating individuals who speak out or oppose the current regime, raises serious concerns about the erosion of citizen freedoms and the violation of constitutional rights. This unit, led by one Zachary Kariuki, has drawn attention due to its similarities with […]

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Kenya: Officials Threaten Protesters with Violence

Authorities Should Curb Hostile Rhetoric, Hold Police Accountable

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Breaking News: Azimio la Umoja Announces Expanded Protest Schedule Following Public Demand

In response to overwhelming public demand, Azimio la Umoja-One Kenya has declared an expanded schedule for nationwide protests, known as “maandamano,” beginning next week. The organization has stated that the protests will now take place not only on Wednesday but also on Thursday and Friday, allowing more individuals to participate and voice their concerns. The […]

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