God Has Rejected You and Your Leadership

God Has Rejected You and Your Leadership

By: Apostle Kathy Kageni-Oganga

1 Samuel 15:11 states, “God said, ‘I regret that I have made Saul king, because he has turned away from me and has not carried out my instructions.’ Samuel was angry, and he cried out to the LORD all that night.” This scripture serves as a poignant reminder that God can indeed express regret over the choices of leaders, as seen in the case of Saul. Today, some may struggle to understand how God could say He regrets making William Ruto President. For clarity, let’s revisit the biblical example of Saul, who failed to carry out God’s instructions.

When God appoints a leader, He has His reasons. Sometimes these reasons are known to the appointed, and sometimes they are not. Prophecies received before elections often reveal what the instructions for these leaders are. President Ruto was meant to be a God fearing because apparently, he was a “Church Candidate”, but has turned into a Rehoboam and sometimes a Belshazzar. Here are the accusations against him in the courtrooms of heaven:

1. Oppressing the People: Ruto’s actions have led to widespread suffering and oppression.
2. Breaking His Promises: He has repeatedly lied and returned to his word.
3. Prostituting Kenya with Foreign Influences: Like in the days of Ezra, Ruto has aligned Kenya with foreign powers, compromising its sovereignty. God guards Kenya jealously due to His covenants with this nation. Kenya truly belongs to Jesus Christ; this is not just a statement, but a divine truth. Anyone who undermines Kenya will face God’s wrath.
4. Compromising God’s Priesthood: Ruto has turned God’s priests away from their divine duties to serve his own interests. This mirrors the actions of Ahab, who demanded only favorable prophecies. This is a grave offense, particularly offensive to God, akin to oppression.

Despite numerous private calls to repentance, Ruto has grown proud and seeks more servants of God to assure him that all is well. However, it is not well, and this transgression will not be atoned like the others. Major transgressions in the past have been forgiven, but God now declares, “William Samoei Ruto, you have been weighed and found wanting.” MENE MENE TEKEL UPHARSIN.

Our Response as God’s Children

As God deals with this Himself, our duty as His children is clear:

1. Remove All Bitterness, Anger, and Rage: These emotions hinder our prayers for help.
2. Cry Out to God Without Ceasing: Just as the Israelites did under oppressive rulers, we must continually seek God’s intervention.
3. Learn from These Lessons: Understand God’s ways and avoid falling into the same traps when God elevates us. This fate could befall any of us.

Kenya is at a critical intersection. The promised end-time revival must come to pass so Jesus can return for His Church. Souls must be saved, and we must proclaim the message of Jesus Christ with urgency.

Call to Action

Watch and pray for Kenya diligently. The nation’s future and the fulfillment of divine promises depend on our faithfulness and intercession. Spread the message of salvation and prepare for the coming revival.

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