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Prepare Now Before It’s Too Late

Stocking up on staples like maize, beans, and cooking oil ensures that we have access to nutritious food even when external sources are limited

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Weathering Life’s Giants: Biblical Lessons

prepare for the rains. Just as the farmer tends to his fields in anticipation of the deluge, let us diligently cultivate our skills and talents.

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The Art of Preparation: A Lesson from Biblical Wisdom

As the rain approaches, may we be like the farmer, ready to receive the blessings it brings. Prepare yourself, for indeed, the rain is coming.

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WHO Identifying Potential Pandemic Pathogens

“Without significant R&D investments prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it would not have been possible to have safe and effective vaccines developed in record time.”

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How The Bible Can Teach Us About Preparedness

Noah didn’t wait until it started to rain before he began to build the ark.

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Glowing Despite of The Darkness

With every world catastrophe, the power that be have presented the people with a way out. A way to save them from their troubles and  misery, but it always come with a price. The resignation of some of our rights. Yet through history, the people have gladly accepted the solutions placed before them, as the alternative that was carefully crafted against them was much worse.

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