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Where Are We Now? Humanity Is At Risk.

The Great Reset “will happen with greater speed and with greater intensity than a lot of people might imagine.” – John Kerry Commits Biden Admin To WEF’s ‘Great Reset’

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The Bible Is “FAKE NEWS”~Yuval Noah Harari

It is important to understand that a world crisis will give rise to a completely new global order.

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Glowing Despite of The Darkness

With every world catastrophe, the power that be have presented the people with a way out. A way to save them from their troubles and  misery, but it always come with a price. The resignation of some of our rights. Yet through history, the people have gladly accepted the solutions placed before them, as the alternative that was carefully crafted against them was much worse.

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What Next in The Great Reset Agenda?

We can only assume that Johnson is having his knuckles rapped for giving the UK too many freedoms over the summer months.

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Are You Ready For The Next Pandemic ?-“Cyber Pandemic.

“When the world’s most powerful people, such as members of the WEF, desire to make radical changes, crises conveniently emerge—whether a war, a plague, or economic collapse—that enable a “reset” of the system, which is frequently accompanied by a massive upward transfer of wealth.”

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Welcome To 2021-The Beginning of Great Reset!

“Forces and pressures that were pushing us into crisis over the social contract are now exacerbated……The world is coming apart, dangerously, in terms of global institutions and leadership.”

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