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Embracing Privacy in a Social Media World

Remember, privacy is not about hiding but about safeguarding what truly matters – our well-being, our loved ones, and our peace of mind in this digital age.

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Social Media Detoxification

Social media can be a tricky thing. It’s like a candy store with lots of sweet treats, but sometimes those treats can make us feel bad after eating too many.

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Building a Lasting Marriage

Reflecting on the story of Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa, I am reminded of the importance of privacy. The social media create unnecessary pressure

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Glowing Despite of The Darkness

With every world catastrophe, the power that be have presented the people with a way out. A way to save them from their troubles and  misery, but it always come with a price. The resignation of some of our rights. Yet through history, the people have gladly accepted the solutions placed before them, as the alternative that was carefully crafted against them was much worse.

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