The Art of Preparation: A Lesson from Biblical Wisdom

The Art of Preparation: A Lesson from Biblical Wisdom

In life, from the very moment of our conception, preparation becomes an integral part of our journey. Even before we emerge into the world, our parents meticulously plan for our arrival, ensuring that we have everything we need. This unceasing cycle of preparation, it seems, is innate to our existence and often paves the way for a brighter future.

One may wonder, what do soldiers do when they’re not on the battlefield? The common assumption is that they rest in their barracks, basking in leisure. However, the truth is far from this notion. Soldiers are continually engaged in a state of perpetual preparation for the next conflict. Behind the scenes, they hone their skills and maintain their physical and mental readiness. Their work goes unseen by the public eye, much like the preparation David undertook before ascending to the throne.

The biblical account of David offers a compelling narrative of preparation. A shepherd in his youth, David defended his flock against the onslaught of wild animals. Little did he know, these trials were part of God’s design to equip him for the monumental task of shepherding the nation of Israel. Even after his anointing by the Prophet Samuel as the future king, David did not immediately assume the throne. Instead, the interim period was a crucial time of preparation, sharpening his leadership skills and deepening his faith.

Similarly, our Messiah, Jesus Christ, embarked on a journey of preparation before commencing his ministry. He spent forty days in the wilderness, fasting and battling temptation. This period of spiritual refinement was essential for his mission to bring salvation to humanity.

In our lives, too, preparation is an ever-present companion. Whether we are gearing up for a new job, facing challenging exams, or preparing for a critical interview, readiness is paramount. Recently, the Meteorological Department issued a significant announcement – a 90% chance of El Niño rains from October to December. The question arises: How are we preparing ourselves? Is our county government making the necessary preparations, such as unclogging trenches and ensuring infrastructure resilience?

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In this moment, let us recall the wisdom of Proverbs 16:9 (NIV): “In their hearts, humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.” It reminds us that while we plan and prepare, ultimate control rests with a higher power. Still, this does not absolve us of the responsibility to ready ourselves. As Mr. Bridges aptly puts it, “Which one trusted God to send the rain?” The Coach responds, “The one who prepared.” Mr. Bridges continues, “God will send the rain when He’s ready. You need to prepare your fields to receive it.”

Indeed, preparation is our earthly endeavor, aligning us with the divine purpose. It is a testament to our faith and determination. Therefore, let us embrace the wisdom of Ecclesiastes 3:1 (KJV): “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.” As we heed the warnings of the coming rains, let us prepare ourselves, just as a farmer tills the soil and tends to the fields. Rain will come, but it is our preparedness that will enable us to reap its blessings.

In life, we are in a perpetual state of preparation. As the rain approaches, may we be like the farmer, ready to receive the blessings it brings. Prepare yourself, for indeed, the rain is coming.

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