Maragoli Dictionary-Learning Maragoli

Maragoli Dictionary-Learning Maragoli

 Today, we got pure Kimaragoli, Uloogoli, L’logoli or Maragori if you like. We have put up a list of common Maragoli words for the casual learner of the language of Andimi, I hope it will inspire you to learn your language.

Vuche: Means ‘good morning’. To answer back, you simply say vuche or vuche mno, meaning a good morning it really is.

Vwira or Imwami: Vwira is how one salutes another good evening in Maragoli language. One can also simply say imwami which means, ‘it has gotten/become dark’ or ‘darkness has fallen’.

Mbe Garaha: This is a common answer to the greeting mulembe among the Maragoli. It means ‘I am fine’. However, as often with African salutations, we find a deeper meaning if when we consider our cultures. For this greeting, the word garaha literally means ‘slow’ in Lulogooli. Therefore, when one answers mbe garaha when greeted, it could be taken to mean that life is slowly ebbing on with no drama or upheavals. Therefore, they are ‘cool’ or ‘tranquil’, chilled out, so to say.

Sandiza: In strict terms, this Maragoli word means: thank you. However, more commonly, sandiza is used to mean that the person is grateful or appreciates one thing or another.

Uzizagila ndi?: How are you doing? Precisely, it means: how are you faring on? In Kiswahili it also means unaendelea vipi?

Vurahi: In the context of greetings, it means am good. With regards to everyday conversation, vurahi means ‘well’. In Kiswahili Vurahi means, vyema.

Vudiku: also night in English and Usiku in Kiswahili.

Kisundi: Also darkness in English and Giza in Kiswahili.

Umbasu: The sun or daytime In English. In Kiswahili, it may mean Jua or mchana.

Karunu: In English Today or now. In Kiswahili Karunu means leo.

Mgorova: In English this word is translated as Yesterday and In Kiswahili, the same word is translated as Jana.

Mgamba: In English this word also means Tomorrow and in Kiswahili it means Kesho.

Muhiga: Muhiga means year in Lulogooli. For example, muhiga gwa ’76 is the year 1976. To say years, one says mihiga. For example, Mihiga gya Kenyatta in reference to the years in which President Jomo Kenyatta the founding father of Kenya ruled.



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