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The Maragoli Language For Tea

A typical Mulogoli tribesman knows his tea, and knows it well. Thus there’s a corner of Maragoli language dedicated to all things tea.

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Muduya recipe: Traditional Luhya bean stew delicacy in 3 easy steps

A luhya’s love of engoho is a well known, well chewed on, well satirized affair. But less known is muduya’s place among Maragoli traditional foods. Let me put it this way. Growing up, it’s only ingokho and muduya that was shared among brothers. How to make muduya Muduya is a bean stew delicacy that’s treasured among […]

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Mulogoli Words and Ways-Build Your Vocabulary

This short introduction to the Maragoli language is meant to add to our efforts of sharing the spirit of mulembe through language, by frequently using Luhya words to bring to life our content. We do this as a gentle way for non-native Luhya speakers to learn Luhya easy, free and fast. Mwodi Sorry. Umwimani Refers to a person who […]

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Maragoli Traditional Vegetables-Know Your Food!

A healthy proportion of Maragoli traditional vegetables can be considered ‘edible weeds’. However, the majority of traditional Maragoli vegetables are cultivated on purpose. Cultivation occurs either in the main farm or among the bananas in the kitchen garden. Likhubi (cowpea) and bean leaves (makhalaba) are the main field varieties. Whereas murere, mitoo, lisebebe, libokoyi and […]

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Maragoli Clans-Know Your Clan

Mulogoli had a wife called Khaliyesa. She had four male children, Mmavi, Mkirima, Mkizungu and Msari. These four make up the four major clans.

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Maragoli Names and Meaning

Maragoli personal name formation is semantically motivated. A sizeable number of Maragoli names have meaning: For example: Ilamenya: literally means-inhabitant/stay/live, Bwosi: means “all” in Kiswahili it means “wote”, Mwiruki: means one who runs away. Other Maragoli names originated from man-made as well as natural phenomena such as famine, poverty, wars, seasons, social activities, political activities, […]

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Maragoli Dictionary-Learning Maragoli

We have put up a list of common Maragoli words for the casual learner of the language of Andimi.

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