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Maragoli Lost Story-The Priest

Maragoli, Kisii, Suba, Abanyore, and Kuria settlers to the shores of Lake Nyanza are the descendants of possibly the earliest groups to have arrived in Kenya.

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The Identity of Kenya’s “Luhya” Community

The emergence of Luhya as a collective identity was not based on linguistic or cultural ties but rather as means of control and categorization by colonial power

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The Maragoli Language For Tea

A typical Mulogoli tribesman knows his tea, and knows it well. Thus there’s a corner of Maragoli language dedicated to all things tea.

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Maragoli Names and Meaning

Maragoli personal name formation is semantically motivated. A sizeable number of Maragoli names have meaning: For example: Ilamenya: literally means-inhabitant/stay/live, Bwosi: means “all” in Kiswahili it means “wote”, Mwiruki: means one who runs away. Other Maragoli names originated from man-made as well as natural phenomena such as famine, poverty, wars, seasons, social activities, political activities, […]

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Maragoli Dictionary-Learning Maragoli

We have put up a list of common Maragoli words for the casual learner of the language of Andimi.

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