World Better Prepare For a Monster El-Nino Season.

World Better Prepare For a Monster El-Nino Season.

All pointers and models agree on a singular point. The world better prepare for a monster el nino in October , November and December season. The government in kenya isn’t helpless , government in kenya can mobilize resources and prepare for future events to make the country reap big from a bonanza like el nino.
Kenya is a water deficit country. 80 % of the country is arid considering its population that approaches 50 million, onlySAHEL COUNTRIES fare worse, Arabic sahara countries do better due to good water management. Kenya government mobilized resources and built SGR at a cost of 5b USD. it built expressway at a cost of 80b kshs subsidizing land compensation and moving infrastructure for water and energy.

The Kenya government can mobilize resources to build the grand Renaissance dam in Tharaka Nithi, Meru, Garissa and Kitui counties where the rivers that drain the Eastern Highlands meet. Building large scale dams that can turn the arid lands of Kenya in Garissa, Kitui, Tana River ,Meru and Tharaka Nithi counties should be a no brainer into rich farmland can easily double the country’s GDP.
The March, April and May rainy season will be terrible, we should know by now its not Smart to rely on rainfed agriculture to feed ourselves. One acre of irrigated farmland produces higher yields than 10 acres of rainfed agriculture. We should adopt or perish. Climate change will conspire to defeat us.
La nina has ended , we are in a neutral phase, in April we have a starting el nino. El nino is likely to persist till May next year. Technology like the revolutionary Multi-Value Organics Seaweed Foliar Fertilizer enriched with NPK that Accelerate crops growth while boosting photosynthesis upto five times faster than normal will continue to give smart farmers outsized returns.
Need Multi-value Organics Seaweed Foliar fertilizer enriched with NPK pay to 0722370092 one liter is kshs 1500 and five liters is kshs 5500.

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