The Sexual Revolution & Its Consequences To The Family Today

The Sexual Revolution & Its Consequences To The Family Today

Nick Holt @nickholtpodcast puts it so well, “The Sexual Revolution of the 1960s had disastrous consequences for the West. The Cultural fallout from this experiment has been vast, like an atomic bomb dropped on the family unit, it continues to impact the happiness of human beings today.” As I shared yesterday on Parents Is This Really an Accident there’s whole Sexualization of our society and mostly targeting our children.

It should be noted that, the consequences has not only been disastrous for the west but the whole world. The media is really glorifying this sexualization, since it boosts sales of products, movies, and music. The public can be manipulated through sexual arousal. In an effort to outdo each other, entertainers have been constantly pushing back the limits of acceptability.

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Thanks to the entertainment industry, which has become the primary agent for promoting the values of the sexual revolution throughout the world, young people are growing up in a highly sexualized environment. Every day they are bombarded by sexual messages via TV, movies, videos, advertisements (especially on the internet), books, magazines, and music, most of which promote the physical pleasures of sex and downplay any element of responsibility. Premarital and extramarital sexual relations are depicted as glamorous, exciting, and generally without negative consequences. Young people are being fed a never-ending diet of unrealistic portrayals of the sexual experience.

The growing power of the media overshadows the influence of family and school in the lives of too many young people. The media’s constant propagation of sexual images outside of the context of marriage has given rise to the notion, even among many parents, that it is unrealistic to expect young people today to postpone having sex until they are married. Young people in turn perceive the adult expectation that they will fail to restrain themselves. As adults witness the rise in sexual experimentation among the young, they are losing the will to guide adolescents to remain abstinent until marriage. Such a vicious cycle of expectation leading to increased sexual activity has influenced some adults to believe that young people simply cannot be expected to control themselves.

In such a social environment, the sexual revolution continues unhindered. Sexual restraint is viewed as unhealthy. Moral relativism — where traditions are considered irrelevant and values are individually defined rather based on universal, transcendent principles — increasingly characterized the popular culture. This is how premarital sexual activity has become justified and deeply entrenched in our society.

These photos of a group of young Kenyans dancing raunchily at a pool party over the weekend surfaced on social media in 2016 and got people talking with many blaming the organizers of such events, saying that they are “promoting immorality among the youth”. In the photos, the girls can be seen doing the infamous dance called ‘Daggering’…rubbing their behinds on the boys’ genitals. Is anything really wrong with the photo or is it a normal party scenes?

Pool Party Gone Wrong

The Bible says in Proverbs 19:18, Discipline your son, for there is hope; do not set your heart on putting him to death. I pray that God will give us the grace to combat these consequences mostly on our children in Jesus name, Amen.

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