Parents, Is This Really an Accident?-#SouthPark

Subliminal Message

Parents, Is This Really an Accident?-#SouthPark

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#Subliminal Message!

Now, tell me, how is the drawing on the board got to do with the map and all the stuff this guy was trying to connect? Do you think he couldn’t have made his point without drawing that thing on the board? That is a male organ, that is how they sexualize our children, that’s the video our children are watching. That’s how they are doing not only the #Southpark episode but so many animation videos. This is what we call a #subliminal video, probably if I couldn’t have pointed out, many of you would not have seen it. How in the world did they do this? You need to realize that this video is very recent.

Parents, this is #sexualization of children 101. An adult can see these things and cannot realize them, but children have a very strong imagination and when the devil invades their innocence and pump these things in them, they begin to do so much with these imaginative things. That’s why the enemy is doing this to our children, that’s why the came up with this “Comprehensive Sexuality Education”. It’s not really sexuality, as one woman said, it’s actually Comprehensive Sexualization Education. That’s what they’re doing, giving them the opportunity of all gender transition, I mean this is happening in our country and the rest of Africa. The subliminal messages come directly in your face, they don’t care anymore. Parents, you better pay attention to what your children are watching, remember, they want the mind and soul of our children. This is so gross in your screen, in your face.

Our children are battling with stuff everyday, you wonder why at the age of seven, eight they know about sex more that even their parents? Think about that. It’s so painful, that here is where we are now, this the world we are living now. It’s a serious warfare and this warfare is on our children-the devil has declared war on our children. From the school burning, to cult practices in schools. The devil hates the fact that these children are still innocent and the enemy is out to destroy the moral, the psychological, mental , spiritual even physically.

You need to put the shield of protection over your family and your children and then you need to take it a notch higher, begin to pry into their privacy, begin to look what they’re looking at, at least if you had looked at this #SouthPark with your babies, you will look at it no matter how dumb anybody can be, there’s no way you couldn’t see this is evil. Pornography in broad day light being shown to my children. They want to prepare them on what they’re not mature enough for and that’s what makes our kids get messed in their minds. We got to rise up parents and stop these nonsense.

I know it’s not easy, I believe with the help of God, he will supply the Grace to you, to me so that we may be able to preserve these children. God loves kids, he loves them, that’s why the devil hates them. God Loves these kids and he is going to ask all of us questions how we took care of them at the judgement seat. May God not find you wanting and may he give you the grace to be a better parent or guardian to your children. God Bless You.

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