Why You Should Not Be Excited With The Introduction of Digital ID

Why You Should Not Be Excited With The Introduction of Digital ID

A QR code is not freedom. Digital ID is not freedom. We should never ever sleepwalk towards losing our freedoms and rights for the sake of ‘convenience’. It’s a trap.

TONY BLAIR – meddling in government and pushing the UN Agenda 30 policy for every citizen to be forced to carry digital ID in order to live their lives.


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We are sleepwalking towards central bank digital currencies & digital ID. It is being sold as “for our security and convenience’, but it’s actually for their digital and financial control and power. A giant virtue con-trick.

Digital ID & Central Bank Digital Currencies risk becoming a Trojan horse towards social credit systems. This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s already being developed. Educate your friends and family about #DigitalID & #CBDCs before it is too late.


The Times newspaper poll on digital ID. Just look at the state of the results so far. Mass formation.

Well, well, well – Little East Palestine (population 4,700) was at the centre of a pilot program to respond to EMERGENCY situations and free digital ID’s were given to residents to track long-term health problems like ‘difficulty breathing’



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