What Are We Doing To Our Children, 23 Subjects?

What Are We Doing To Our Children, 23 Subjects?

According to data from the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), it was revealed that students would pick 14 subjects with Mathematics and English made compulsory.

Other compulsory subjects included were Kiswahili, Integrated Science, Health Education, Pre- Technical Studies, Social Studies, Business Studies, Agriculture, Life Skills Education, Sports and Physical Education. Religious studies-that is: Christian Religious Education (CRE), Islamic Religious Education (IRE) and Hindu Studies were also included in the compulsory list. However, it was indicated that students would only choose one from the religious category.

Optional subjects included in the Competency-Based curriculum (CBC) were; Arabic, Computer science, French, German, Home science, Indigenous Languages, Mandarin, Performing arts and Visual Arts. “The main feature of this level is a broad curriculum for the learner to explore talents, interests and abilities before selection of pathways and tracks at the Senior Secondary education level,” read the document in part.

Additionally, KICD included various lessons to be taught per week. Maths and English were allocated five lessons per week, while Kiswahili and science subjects were allocated four lessons per week. Religious and optional subjects were allocated three lessons each, while PE was allocated two lessons. On the other hand, Life Skills education was scheduled to be one lesson per week. Grade Six students, who sat for the national examinations in November, are scheduled to move to Junior Secondary on 30th January.

We must be joking as nation!



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