Warning: Emergency Radio Must Be at Home

Warning: Emergency Radio Must Be at Home

Picture This Very REAL Scenario:
A shortage of fuel has closed your electric utility or any one of several natural or man-made disasters has just devastated your town, power is out all over the city with no signs of being restored, floodwaters lap at your doorstep, and you and your family are completely cut off from all human contact . . .

Are You Prepared?
How will you know if and when you need to evacuate? Is the water from your tap safe to drink? Do we have shelters nearby that would accept people for those abroad, do you have bomb shelters near you, how far from where you are, are you going to pay to get their services-mostly those in Europe and America. In Africa, I’m sure we don’t have bomb shelters, we have learned to live by faith. Where do you go? What do you do?

Staying informed could be a matter of life and death. Imagine no Facebook, Instagram, twitter and any other source of information you’ve been depending upon. That’s why I beseech you to start looking for those who don’t have, an emergency radio. Be Prepared in Any Circumstance! If your electric power fails due to storms, flash floods, earthquakes, tornadoes or even the ever-present threat of terrorism, you need an emergency radio AM and FM that WORKS in a REAL emergency.

This powerful radio lets you stay informed throughout any type of emergency. Most importantly, the Dynamo Emergency Weather Band Radio includes:

  • Hand-crank generator (in case batteries fail)
  • Super-bright LED 3 bulb flashlight

Additional life-saving features include:

  • NOAA weather band
  • Long-range AM receiver
  • High-sensitivity FM band
  • Built-in high-quality 1.75″ speaker
  • 360-degree swiveling telescopic antenna
  • Convenient wrist strap
  • USB output jack to charge cellphone or other device
  • Mini USB input jack to charge radio and built-in flashlight
  • Headphone plug-in

Operates on 2 AA Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries (included) or on 2 D dry cell batteries for backup (not included).

This sturdy radio is a must-have in every home and makes a great gift for friends and family you want to keep safe! The Dynamo Emergency Weather Band Radio retails at $29.95, but it’s yours for FREE with our special offer with Newsmax Magazine. Your family’s safety is worth it don’t miss this offer.

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