Transhumanism – Artificial Wombs: “The idea is to depopulate Human 1.0 and for those that survive transform them into Human 2.0, the more synthetic human.” – TruthTalk Feat David Icke.

TruthTalk Feat David Icke.

A new way of breeding seems to be on the cards in the strange ideals of the rather disturbing international organizations. You wont have to procreate the old fashion way, indeed not. Growing your offspring in a pod, in your living room no less. With monitors and a clear covering so you can watch it gestate. It’s about really all about, prepping kids for a future where you will be inclined to ‘care’ for a virtual creation.
Concept Incubator Would Grow Your Babies At Home

They appear to be doing a good job of desensitizing people towards other people, animals, reality and so forth. Changing terms, definitions, meanings. Trying to go for things like birthing person, taking away the word mother and female associated words for things. I believe it’s to facilitate a detachment from being normal and doing normal natural things. The system appears to want to insert themselves in every person detail of your lives. But if they can get people before they are born, and manipulate the components, fully monitor the process and adjust as necessary, then you stand more chance of developing what they may consider a more appealing society.

The world around us is one big maze now, and we are the rats. They are building new puzzles, obstructions and incentives as we speak, constantly adapting as we do. But they really don’t seem to want us breeding like rats now do they? If you haven’t watched the films Logans Run and Dark City you should. And if you haven’t read Brave New World, you should. There is much to understand.

As I finish, kindly watch this short clip from twitter:


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