The Truth About Christian Communion | Biblical or Catholic Ritual

The Truth About Christian Communion | Biblical or Catholic Ritual

I have never really considered the true meaning of this word before, can we find what is termed holy communion in the original transcripts of scripture? In this article, we’re going to uncover the truth about Christian communion, is it biblical or another Catholic ritual so named to erase everything pertaining to the ancient Israelites?

So What Is Communion?

Now according to this article from, what is known as Holy Communion is actually a distinctive right of Christian worship and according to the early Christian Church fathers it was instituted by Messiah upon the eve of his death. So there are four different names used for Holy Communion, let’s look at them:

  • Eucharist: Which means give thanks based on 1Corinthians 14:16.
  • The Lord’s Supper is another one and this one is based on 1 Corinthians 11:25, where Messiah said, we are to do this in remembrance of him.
  • Breaking of bread this one comes from Acts 2:42-46 where it is said that the early Church Believers were breaking bread as part of their fellowship.
  • Finally Communion this comes from 1 Corinthians 10:16, where it talks about the cup of blessing that we are to bless that this is our way to participate in the blood of Christ and that the bread is supposed to be representative of his body.

So let’s look at a few comparisons between Passover and Communion and we’re going to see that Passover also known as Pasak is one of the three major Jewish festivals and it commemorated The Liberation of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt versus Communion, it’s seen as a Christian ritual known as Eucharist and it’s supposed to be an expression of your faith in Messiah and it’s based on the instructions or supposed instructions given during the Last Supper in the New Testament. Now Passover is based on the Old Testament book of Exodus versus communion based on the New Testament.

The significance: Passover was supposed to represent the Redemption of the children of Israel versus communion is supposed to be an expression of faith in Messiah. The meal for the Passover: throughout the meal, the Biblical story was supposed to be told to remind the children of Israel about their deliverance from Egypt and the food is linked symbolically to the Exodus. Whereas with communion it’s based on Bread and Wine which was supposed to symbolize Christ’s body and blood. When we look at the difference between Passover and communion, we see that communion has many different meanings but it’s basically this ritual that’s supposed to be based on faith-it’s an expression of your faith.

Now Christians believe that Christ is present with them during this ritual. However, they differ when they explain the different attributes associated with his presence and it begins supposedly with the Lord’s Prayer–remember it’s done differently in various denominations but then the Eucharist bread is broken and the wine is poured and the Communion song is sung and people Express their Unity with the Lord and after the meal it’s followed by a prayer. A lot of these are based on Catholicism. But it says meals of Passover and Holy Communion are both meals of remembrance, they primarily differ in their commemoration aspect. Passover is a tribute to the liberation of the of the Israelites from captivity on the other hand communion refers to the Liberation in a broader manner specifically the liberty of mankind from sin.

So it says Protestantism recognize it as just a symbol of Grace. So Passover on the other hand was supposed to be celebrated forever, it was supposed to be a lasting ordinance for the children of Israel but now we see that it has been replaced by communion. Did you know that according to the teachings of the Catholic Church receiving Holy Communion is a spiritual need for salvation? This means that without The Graces conferred by the sacrament it would be exceedingly challenging to withstand severe Temptations and abstain from grave sin.

Eusebius who is also considered to be one of the early church fathers tell us why communion replaced Passover. He says, most of the rest of the world replaced Passover with Sunday communion crowned with Easter Sunday the custom in the rest of the word was described by Iranius as a duty of celebrating the mystery of the resurrection of Our Lord only on the day of Our Lord i.e Sunday. So Passover was replaced in Christianity by Easter and the communion.

so let’s watch this video to really understand where this idea of the Eucharist or communion may have come from.

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Why would they work so hard to make this narrative fit with Easter? Many are unknowingly celebrating a pagan Festival that has nothing to do with the death burial and resurrection of Messiah. May the Most High Bless You!


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