The Lord Will Fight For You: Exodus 14:14

The Lord Will Fight For You: Exodus 14:14

The Most High had rescued the Children of Jacob from their slavery in Egypt and brought them out with much wealth, but when they saw the Egyptian army in hot pursuit, their hearts failed for fear. Instead of holding fast to the Word of the Most High and remembering His promise to take them in safety into the land He promised to Abraham, they looked at the problems that were surrounding them.

While the Children of Jacob’s eye of faith was on the Lord’s fiery pillar, they were secure in the Most High unfailing protection, but as soon as they took their eyes off Him in unbelief, they saw the surging waters, the mountainous problems, and the intimidating enemy. But Moses told the people: “Don’t be afraid, stand still and watch the LORD rescue you. The LORD will fight for you while you keep silent.”

Like the children of Jacob, we are to believe the Most High’s Word. We are to have confidence in the Most High faithfulness, and we are to quietly trust in the Him of our salvation, for He has promised to fight for us and to deliver us from all our enemies. Let us never forget that like the children of Jacob, the challenges we face in life are important opportunities for our faith in our Father in Heaven to grow, and for Him to receive all the glory and honor due to His name.


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