The Last Battle For Humanity

The Last Battle For Humanity

By Sylvain Lamoureux

Some are finally realizing that this may very well be the last battle for humanity. That the ‘control’ which people tout as the reasoning behind everything, was already had through generations of nudging and prodding so why the sudden rush? There is now a ‘deadline’ it would seem and the question for me is: why?

If anything can be learned from the history of our benevolent ‘rulers’, is that they don’t shoot for single outcomes; multi-layered operations are the ‘norm’ and naivete and ignorance are their greatest weapons.

How unprepared we are for this battle; having been divided and conditioned over generations, to accept the life of serfdom or ‘slavery lite’ as ‘the best system in the world’ and as the only way to ‘live’.

Now, we get to experience the turning of the governments of the world against their peoples and with that, half, or more of the general public against themselves. To bear witness to the sheer ignorance and abject stupidity required to move this operation forward is disheartening, to say the least. As some put it: “The greatest time to be alive”.

To say that we have been ‘dumbed down’ over the generations is an understatement if one simply compares the grade school tests of the early nineteen hundreds, with those of today. One could easily observe, in the last 50 years, that as the intellect of the aggregate population decreased, the consolidation, into fewer hands, of the ‘essentials’ of life, increased.

Realizing that all of humanity seems to have been part of the greatest ‘experiment’ in history, through generations, to bring us to where we are now, is a daunting and requires one to move forward and dig deep into ‘who’ they actually are. As I have mentioned before: Are we who we are born to be or who we are raised to be?

Have we become better human beings through the progression of our lives and propagated that forward or have we simply taught, generation after generation, how to better get money from one pocket into theirs?

The choice has always been ours.

It is through the lives, actions and acceptance (tacit or otherwise) of ‘good’ people which has created this moment in time, so apparently we might all have some ‘improving’ to do. Perhaps if we stopped concentrating on being seen as ‘good’ people, we could simply become better each day. People tend to forget that life is a journey rather than a destination or a competition.

It is not a difficult concept, that better people build better societies. And it should be self evident at this point that the human race is in a rut; spinning its wheels chasing other people’s tales which does not allow for actual ‘growth’ of our species nor at the individual level (can’t have the former without the latter).

Forever chasing money to put into our coffers; what a sad tale of existence. How many ‘great’ people are simply funding their life rather than creating it? How easy is it to get lazy and delegate rather than learn that life takes work and sometimes you have to fix a road or learn something useful. What was delegated was responsibility and what was ‘gained’ was an external point of blame. I suppose that is ‘comfort’, for some.

When the species abdicated life to money, we never had a chance. And we can blame whom we want but all share in the responsibility.

Through this, dependency was created at every level over the decades: energy, food, water, agriculture, information, education, and many more. I also remember the rise in ‘logistics’ companies over the years which centralized control of a lot of the goods which were ‘outsourced also within my lifetime. It is amazing how many dots can be connected simply by having a functioning memory of your own life; what was ‘hot’, what was not.

And now here we are at what seems to be a ‘war’ on humanity itself with the twist being that it has been waging since perhaps long before any of us were even born.
How do you fight an enemy like that, let alone define it?

All those years of having to ‘prove’ who you are, progressively increasing in complexity. All those forgotten passwords which made you have to call ‘support’. All of these, and more, have contributed to the possible acceptance of ‘digital ID’; the convenience is the anchor, the assumed ‘peace of mind’ is the illusion; the saving of ‘face’ rather than remembering a password is the convenience.

So again, who is the ‘enemy’?

I now ask, is there any chance that humanity is going to get itself out of whatever is really happening and / or coming?

I mean, from my birth onto this crazy rock, there have been the same controls and programs running their course and determining the fate of the world. This can also be said from the birth of my mother and that of my grandmother; so when did it all begin and did we really have any chance to escape?

And what if it is not really about control, but rather about a distraction for what is really going to affect every living being on this planet. If not for its own characteristics but also for the steps taken, which would seem to exacerbate the challenges to the survival of our species. Pretty dark and gloomy right? But still not out of the realms of possibility.

I think about the deep underground military bases and also about some of the capabilities of the top echelons of wealth and power. I blend that with the holes in history and discoveries such as cities built upon cities and have to wonder if this great ‘reset’ which they call, is not something on a natural cycle. And that the goal is to come out on top for the next ’round’. The ‘why’ in “why now?”.

Sure would be advantageous to come out unscathed with technologies intact and a full surveillance system in the form of satellite coverage of every inch of the Earth. After a duration of 50 to 500 years, they would surface as perceived ‘gods’.

But who am I to speculate such things and really, it doesn’t have to be that way. All it takes is a resounding NO, and the human species is a reckoning force. Those in charge are working feverishly to contain information and ‘debunk’ this and ‘fact-check’ that; this is to keep the spell from being broken.

An honest look in the mirror and a desire to be better is all it would take, but it requires everyone to be on board. How simple it is really and how sad, that as a species, we are so very far away from this.

I don’t know how to end this, I don’t even know how to title it. Stop over-complicating life and learn to release the shackles of the mind; go out and breathe deeply and let it all go.

The mindset of FREEDOM begins within each and everyone of us, free yours.

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