The Cry for Justice: The Ugly Face of Cain in Kenya

The Cry for Justice: The Ugly Face of Cain in Kenya

In recent times, Kenya has witnessed a troubling escalation of violence and oppression against its own citizens. The parallels drawn with the biblical story of Cain and Abel are indeed disturbing, as it seems that the current regime, led by William Ruto, has turned its back on its people. Shockingly, recorded videos depict police and the Operation Special Unit engaging in actions that result in the deaths and injuries of innocent Kenyans. What’s even more disheartening is how Ruto, a self-proclaimed Christian, commends these actions rather than condemning them. The promises made to avoid police brutality have been broken, leading to tragic consequences for those exercising their right to peaceful protest. The recent incidents in Nyalenda, Kisumu County, where citizens were maimed and harmed for not supporting the regime, highlight the need for urgent change. The Kenyan government must remember that “Luo Lives Matter” and acknowledge that justice for the lives lost and affected must be sought.

The Broken Promises

In the wake of Azimio’s call for Maandamano, Kenyan citizens sought to express their grievances peacefully. However, instead of respecting their rights to freedom of speech and assembly, the regime unleashed a wave of violence that left 30 people dead, contradicting Ruto’s pledge to avoid extrajudicial activities by the police. This blatant betrayal of trust raises questions about the sincerity of the government’s commitment to protect its people and uphold their fundamental rights.

The Cry of Nyalenda

The disturbing events in Nyalenda, Kisumu County, are emblematic of the regime’s oppressive tactics. Kenyan citizens in this region who voiced their dissent were met with brutal force and harm from the very authorities sworn to protect them. The silence of the Principal Secretary of Interior, who hails from the same county, in the face of such injustice is deeply troubling. It suggests a lack of empathy and accountability within the government, further eroding public trust in its ability to safeguard its citizens.

The Blood of Abel Seeks Justice

The biblical story of Cain and Abel teaches us that the innocent blood shed by an oppressor cries out for justice. Similarly, the lives lost and those suffering due to the regime’s actions are seeking justice. Their calls for accountability cannot be ignored, and the international community must lend an ear to the plight of the Kenyan people.

The Transience of Power

Power is indeed transient, and those in positions of authority must remember that they are entrusted with the welfare of the people. The current regime’s actions have shown a disregard for this responsibility, leading to increasing disillusionment and anger among citizens. As history has shown, oppressive governments may hold on to power for a time, but eventually, the cries for justice will prevail.


The current state of affairs in Kenya is alarming and reminiscent of the dark chapter in the biblical tale of Cain and Abel. William Ruto’s regime has not only failed to protect its citizens but actively perpetuated violence against them, betraying their trust and violating their rights. The blood of those who have lost their lives seeks justice, and the cry of the injured and oppressed cannot be silenced. As a nation, Kenya must stand united in demanding accountability, transparency, and justice for all its citizens, regardless of their political affiliations. “Luo Lives Matter,” and indeed, the lives of all Kenyans matter. Only through acknowledging the pain and suffering caused can the nation heal and move forward towards a future where justice and compassion prevail.


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