The caged Lion-The Devil

The caged Lion-The Devil

Why’s life tougher when you follow Jesus? Because you have a new enemy and his name is Satan! When we become Christians, we become soldiers at war. But we’re not fighting in our own power, and the outcome of this war does not depend on our performance.

A man once walked through a game farm at night. He heard a lion roar and terrified, climbed up a tree where he spent the night. The next morning, he found out the lion had been caged all along! The devil is like a roaring lion looking to catch you. 1 Peters 5:8 the bible says, “Be self-controlled and alert, Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” 

When you’re in Christ, then the devil is caged. Jesus has all the authority over him and has given you his authority too. Satan cannot harm you-unless you enter his cage! How do you resist the devil and stay out of his cage? Be humble, trusting, self-controlled and spiritually alert. When we give in to pride, unbelief, temptation and spiritual laziness, we lose our spiritual protection.

Stand firm in your faith, the main battlefield is in your mind. Satan will try and get us to believe his lies, so we must stand in faith on the truth of the Bible. Stay in community with other believers. Satan looks out for the isolated ones. Together, we can watch each other’s back. Also, we must repent of all occult practices like casting spells, magic, witchcraft, sorcery, talking to the dead, psychics, glassy-glassy and tarot cards.

Be sure that God will overcome Satan’s efforts to harm you. Lastly, don’t be in awe of the devil and aware of God. Rather, be aware of the devil and in awe of God.


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