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Mass Layoffs Continues-Are You Ready?

While you may be overwhelmed by what to do after being laid off, there are a few important things you should do immediately after.

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Layoff are Underway, CNN boss informs employees!

CNN boss notifies employees that layoffs are underway The media company has begun informing employees about Layoffs, with senior executives stating that notifications will be distributed on Wednesday and Thursday. “Today we will notify a limited number of individuals, largely some of our paid contributors, as part of a recalibrated reporting strategy,” Licht wrote in […]

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BREAKING: EU says Eurozone Set to Fall into Recession this Winter

The EU warned Friday the eurozone was set to fall into recession this winter as Brussels hiked inflation forecasts for 2022 and 2023 on the back of high energy prices. Europe is reeling from the economic shockwaves unleashed by Russia’s war on Ukraine that has fuelled a spike in energy costs and hit the wallets of consumers […]

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