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2012 Olympic Ceremony-Satanic Ritual!

2012 Olympic Ceremony was a Satanic ritual celebrating the death of humanity from a disease.

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The Birth Pangs!

Planet earth may appear to have come to a point of rest but please, know that the spiritual warfare is at its peak. Before the great tribulation begins on earth, the war is in heavenly realm and is manifesting itself with birth pangs here on earth. It’s time to pray harder.

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Activation of The New World Order

The world is going back to things, and very quickly as the Bible notes, how it was in the “days
of Noah” and perhaps even more as in the time of Christ,

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Is Coronavirus A Decoy For The New World Order?

As we begin this critical discussion, I want you to understand everything I will outline documents and explains coordinated global efforts. I guarantee you, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, our nation and world will forever change. In the very least, we will see further erosion of our freedoms and rights. In order to understand this, we must understand historical events to make sense of today.

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