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Biden Killing Regional Banks to Usher In CBDCs

As the world moves towards a more digitized future, governments and financial institutions are exploring the potential of digital currencies. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are one such innovation that has been gaining attention in recent years. CBDCs are digital versions of a country’s fiat currency that are issued and backed by the central bank. […]

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Kyiv Security Chief Vows to Invade Russia As Biden Visits Ukraine

The Kyiv Security Chief claimed “tanks will be parked on Moscow’s Red Square and there will be justice” as Joe Biden makes a controversial trip to Ukraine. Security Chief Oleksiy Danilov even said the bloodiest fighting has yet to come and that the next few months will be a “defining” moment for Urkraine. “Kyiv fears that […]

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The Coming CBDC System-The End of Money as We Know It

The CBDC will be able to create a reliable profile of each individual based on their spending and saving habits.

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