Connecting With The Most High

Connecting With The Most High

What is prayer? In simple terms, prayer is like having a heart-to-heart chat with the Most High. It’s about humbly talking to our Father in heaven, just like how we talk to a close friend. In the book of Matthew 6, Jesus showed his disciples how to pray, advising them to avoid flashy displays and instead pray in private, from the heart. He gave them a model prayer, starting with “Our Father who art in heaven…” which shows us that prayer is about connecting with the Most High as our loving Father.

The Bible emphasizes the importance of prayer through various stories and teachings. For instance, Daniel, despite his busy life, made time to pray regularly. It was during these times of prayer that the Most High spoke to him and guided him. Likewise, Hannah’s fervent prayer for a child demonstrates the power of persistent prayer. Even when misunderstood by others, her faithfulness in prayer was rewarded.

In Colossians 4:2, believers are urged to devote themselves to prayer, staying alert and thankful. This reminds us to be consistent and grateful in our prayer life, recognizing that prayer is our lifeline to our Father in heaven. Just as the believers of old found strength and guidance through prayer, we too can learn from their example.

Prayer isn’t just for when we’re in trouble; it’s a constant conversation with the Most High that sustains us in all circumstances. By staying connected to the Most High through prayer, we find protection from the challenges and temptations of life. It’s a way to invite the Father into every aspect of our lives, trusting Him to guide and provide for us.

So, how often do you pray? Do you find it challenging to pray regularly? Let me hear from you in the comment section or you can email me directly and I will get back to you. Remember, prayer doesn’t have to be fancy or formal; it’s simply talking to the Most High from the heart. Let’s follow the example of faithful believers of the past and make prayer a priority in our lives.

Let us pray: Heavenly Father a beautiful sight of the must be endless wisdom, boundless love, and awesome purity. One day we will stand before you and Lord I have absolutely no doubt it will be silent and with everything about you will transcend anything we could say. Thank you to anyone who will take the time to read this article. If anyone is running in the opposite direction stop them with your loving hands and turn them around. Lord I ask you for your understanding and wisdom in this time we are living, no one has ever lived in such a time, but Lord we need you, thank you for your grace and mercies for it is in your mighty name I pray, Amen.

As we journey onward, may our hearts remain steadfast in prayer, ever attuned to the voice of the Most High.


  • Prayer is a challenge, especially when issues in my life overwhelm me. I try to find someone who can assist me in prayer. After reading the article, I will work on myself and begin a new journey in my prayer life. Thank you, David!

    • Remember when the Messiah was teaching his disciple sister, Ask, Knock and Seek, it was supposed to be continuous until you find what you want and even so not to stop. That’s all about prayers, we keep learning everyday my sister.

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