Our Lives Will Never Be The Same Again-

Our Lives Will Never Be The Same Again-

The Elites want to dictate every aspect of your life from what you eat, to where you go, down to how many times a week you are allowed to shower and wash your underwear.

  1. ‘Climate-Friendly’ Houses Developing countries, where the “Smart City” is a bit far away, start with 3D-printed “climate-friendly” houses. Who’s going to benefit from this? Here’s a tip: African farmers probably won’t.

  1. The recommendation of the Great Reset and now laundry pope Klaus Schwab is simple; you should not wash jeans more than once a month, sweaters once every two weeks, and pajamas once a week.


    1. Cows Are No Longer Allowed To Burp or Urinate Outside The WEF wants cows to start receiving Bovaer, a feed additive produced by Dutch DSM NV. Just a quarter of a teaspoon of Bovaer per day will cut methane burps by a third for a dairy cow, claims WEF.


  1. The WEF is promoting Moderna’s human trials for an HIV “vaccine” using mRNA technology. Soon there could be a “voluntary” gene injection against every ailment, real or imagined.


  1. Whenever you can play God, the WEF is on fire. Globalists are celebrating projects that specifically breed genetically modified starfish and corals in laboratories to “stabilize” the ecosystem in the ocean.

  1. Eating Bugs is the Future, Proclaims the World Economic Forum. WEF, Bill Gates & Co. are working on artificial meat that will one day feed the world.


  1. The WEF is promoting lab-grown coffee to cut back on deforestation while destroying small farmers’ livelihoods.

  1. In the WEF new world, animals consumed by humans should be fed food made in laboratories. They also believe your pets should consume lab-created food.


  1. The WEF wants to deploy intelligent drones all over the world, so they can be used to monitor people, as is already happening in China.

  1. Tracing your clothing is going to save the planet, claims the WEF. If globalists can track everyone and everything they want you to believe your world is somehow going to be better? The Great Reset means the elites gain more control over your life.

  1. Battery Passport will include: “A digital ID for batteries containing data and descriptions about the ESG performance, manufacturing history, and provenance” sociable.co/technology/dig 

Digital ID, battery passports planned for electric vehicles: WEF-founded Global Battery Alliance

  1. By 2030 the smart phone as we know it will become obsolete “All technologies would be directly embedded into our bodies.” – Pekka Lundmark – President & CEO of Nokia.
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  1. In a major victory for #Transhumanism, the first British man has been implanted with a bank card microchip, enabling him to make purchases with only the tap of his hand. The £220 chips are made by British-­Polish start-up ­Walletmor. lifesitenews.com/news/uk-man-be

  1. The iCard app is a EU-based digital wallet which is your Digital ID enrolled through iCard’s Video Identification Process, which is then linkable with the Walletmor #IOB implant.

  1. In order to control carbon footprints, a CBDC could be linked to carbon credits. CDBC can control how much carbon we use. Buy too much petrol in a month and they could stop you booking a holiday. This isn’t a theory; the mechanisms are already in place.


Wake up and buckle-up it’s going to be a rough ride!

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