Nairobi Feline Sanctuary: A Beacon of Hope for Cats in Need

Nairobi Feline Sanctuary: A Beacon of Hope for Cats in Need

In the heart of Nairobi, Kenya, a remarkable place exists—a sanctuary that has become a lifeline for thousands of homeless and abandoned cats. The Nairobi Feline Sanctuary, under the visionary leadership of Rachel M. Kabue, stands as a testament to compassion, education, and the unwavering commitment to animal welfare.

A Humble Beginning

The journey of the Nairobi Feline Sanctuary began with a simple yet profound mission: to rescue cats from the harsh streets of Nairobi. Rachel’s dedication to these vulnerable creatures soon led to the establishment of the sanctuary in 2020. It transformed into a haven where second chances thrive, thanks to the tireless efforts of Rachel and her dedicated team.

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A Family United for Feline Welfare

The sanctuary is not just a shelter; it’s a family united by a shared goal—to provide refuge, medical care, and love to Nairobi’s feline population. With over 800 cats under their care, the Nairobi Feline Sanctuary has achieved remarkable milestones:

130 cats rehomed: Giving these cats a second chance at a loving forever home.

200 vaccinated against Rabies and cat flu: Protecting the health of the feline community and the public.

230 cats spayed and neutered: Contributing to the control of the feline population and reducing the strain on resources.

But the sanctuary’s impact extends beyond its walls. By providing a home to feral cats, it actively safeguards local wildlife from potential threats, showcasing their commitment to harmonious coexistence.

The Ongoing Mission

As the number of cats in their care continues to grow, now totaling 800, the importance of your support cannot be overstated. Your generous contributions will not only sustain their efforts but also empower them to expand their mission. The Nairobi Feline Sanctuary is embarking on an exciting journey to provide an even better life for its beloved feline residents.

A New Haven in Kisumu

Thanks to a generous donor, the sanctuary has acquired a picturesque piece of land in the serene city of Kisumu, promising a haven for the cats. Currently, they are accommodating these cats in a costly rented property in Nairobi, making it financially challenging to provide the best care. That’s where you come in!

Your support will help build cat shelters on this new land. These shelters will provide a safe and comfortable home for vulnerable, elderly, and unadoptable cats, allowing them to roam and enjoy life as they deserve. But that’s not all—the sanctuary also plans to construct log cabins for local and international volunteers, ensuring they have a comfortable place to stay while helping the cause.

Join the Journey of Compassion

Your support can turn this dream into reality. Every donation, regardless of its size, brings the Nairobi Feline Sanctuary one step closer to giving these cats the life they deserve and making Kisumu a hub for feline welfare. Be a part of this incredible journey of compassion and transformation.

World Rabies Day: An Urgent Mission

As we approach World Rabies Day on September 28th, the Nairobi Feline Sanctuary faces a crucial mission. They aim to eliminate Rabies by 2030, a disease that not only affects feline friends but poses a significant risk to public health.

Your donation of just 500/- can make a profound impact by providing a Rabies Jab and a deworming tablet to one of the cats. Here’s why your donation is crucial:

Protecting Lives: Your 500/- donation directly safeguards the health and lives of these beloved cats, ensuring a healthier and happier feline community.

Public Health: Rabies is a zoonotic disease, meaning it can be transmitted from animals to humans. By vaccinating cats, you’re also protecting the health of the community.

Progress Towards 2030: Your support is a step towards the ambitious goal of eliminating Rabies by 2030, making a tangible difference.

One Health: This year’s World Rabies Day theme, “All for 1, One Health for All,” emphasizes the interconnectedness of human, animal, and environmental health. Your donation supports this holistic approach.

Please consider donating today and being a part of this life-saving mission. Your contribution will ensure the well-being of these furry friends and contribute to a healthier, safer world for all. Together, we can make a Rabies-free world a reality.

This is how you can donate by clicking the links: paypal, you can also send your donation in person by visiting the Sanctuary in person: Nairobi Feline Sanctuary 754 Gesora Road Utawala Kenya. For those using M-Pesa, this how you can donate: Send money directly to their M-Pesa number +254111302231 Or M-Pesa Paybill 247247 Account No. 0111302231. They are also on M-changa .


The Nairobi Feline Sanctuary is more than a shelter; it’s a symbol of hope, compassion, and dedication. By donating or volunteering, you can join their remarkable journey of transforming the lives of thousands of cats. Every act of kindness, every contribution, brings us one step closer to a world where every cat has a forever home. Join the cause, be a hero for our furry friends, and help create a safer, more compassionate world for cats. 🐱💕🐾

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