My Random Thoughts on Lust, Sexuality & LBGQT

My Random Thoughts on Lust, Sexuality & LBGQT

In reality, the days we are living we cannot assume, people are Masturbating seriously and no one has come up to address this issue and to teach on the time we are living now and it’s consequences. We look at it at different levels but at the moment I will dwell with the main thing which is lust.

Let’s start by defining what is lust? Lust is the legal appetite that wants to be met illegally. So lust is an illegal appetite, desire, it’s something you want to do but you want to do it illegally. So it means that desire was not put there by the devil. Someone asked, why did God give me desire for sex and again he says, that if I have sex before marriage, he will kill me or burn me? This was my answer: God gave you that desire but again he said on this other side, we have the Holy Ghost who will give you control. There are a lot of things that we control in life and we haven’t known we have the ability of self-control. We shall come to that point a little bit later.

At the moment, lets continue building on what is lust? So we have sexual lust, this a type of lust that you want things that are in line with sex or sexual things in general. The bible also talks about lust in general-the lust of the world, these is having appetite for the things of these world: having cars, nice clothes, phones, some certain type of lifestyle, being a socialite and trying to be known on social media platforms. If you see someone has that kind of nature, that’s just an example of worldly lust and you will get some people can do anything to attain these worldly lust. Young girls have decided to date older rich men in the name of “Sponsor”, young boys have decided to become “Ben10”dating sugar mummies, all these is just to fulfil this worldly lust.

So let’s narrow down to sexual lust, remember lust is a genuine desire but wants to be met in ungenuine ways. If we look at sexual lust, it is God who made the desire for sex and God is the one who created sex and there’s no one who can explain sex better than God. So there’s no way we can study philosophy, to try to understand something that was created by God. So at the end of the day, we must go back to the manual. I always like the way Miles Munroe says, “When resource is disconnected from the source, it’s not the source that suffers but the resource.” Look at it this way, when a fish comes out of water, it’s not the water that suffers but the fish because it’s the fish that needs water. So it means when a human being who is created by God, disconnects himself from God, it’s not God who suffers, but the human being because human being was created to be depended to God. So you find there are desires that God placed but to each desire he put some timing on them that those desires should be fulfilled. A good example, if I put on fire in my office, I will look like I’m running mad. Because if you go to a normal house where people live, we always have a fire place where we are supposed to make fire that’s why we have specific areas where fire should be light not just everywhere.

So we find, there things that will trigger this lust. If I can give you statistics; the pornographic sites that we have globally; are more than 66 million, meaning we can give every Kenyan a pornographic site and we remain with 15 million free sites that we can donate to Uganda or Rwanda, it is that serious. If we go further deeper, we will find out that these pornography that people are acting, majority are being acted by blacks, a few local African and majority from the west. But one thing that people don’t know, in the spiritual realm, there’s something or demon that is called Asmodeus. Asmodeus demon is in charge in the business of breaking marriages and bringing in ideas that does not make sense.


It is said, porn industry has a very big market, porn is one of the multi-billion industry in the world-people are consuming pornography seriously. Let’s look at it in two levels: the 1st one is, when you start watching porn, it arouses the desire. The bible says, our eyes are the gates to our souls, meaning that the moment you start watching porn, you have already opened the gates of your soul and if you if you have fed light, your body becomes light and if you have fed darkness, your body becomes darkness. Let me explain in a better way; The reason why many people are in porn and this one am putting it spiritually, is because it has a spiritual angle. Remember, you’re the one who took yourself to pornography. So it means, if this thing (porn) has demons and it is orchestrated from the devils kingdom, you are the one who went to the devil and not vice-versa. There’s a difference between entering a dangerous territory and to be attacked and there’s a difference of knowing an existence of a dangerous territory and still insist to enter, if you’re killed, then you’re to be blamed because you took yourself in. In spirituality, we call it Legal Grounds of Operation.

The principle is simple, your eyes are the gates of your soul. Meaning in the Spiritual realm, you’ve opened the gates of your soul and that’s why, when watching pornography, that demon enters you and arrest your soul and that’s why you see people struggling coming out of the addiction. Can I be prayed for and be free of the addiction? No amount of prayers can help, because being delivered from things like pornography, we need something we call Participatory Deliverance. You need to be willing to come out of that addiction, you cannot force deliverance. The second is being willing to change your behaviour. You cannot come out and still watching porn, you need to be deliberate.

There’s something else I heard from some Indian Guru, he said, the moment you masturbate, you release some energy-life energy. Ideally, any semen discharge comes with life. Someone told me if you look at someone who is ejaculating, you will see him shaking because life is coming out of them, same applies when someone is dying, there’s a bit of shaking because life is coming out. In the next 10-15 years later, we will have people who cannot conceive, we can see this happening in the west-low sperm count. At the moment you’re doing it for pleasure but time is coming when you cannot get a baby because of the many abortion you did while at the bathroom. By the way, masturbation has also affected girls.

If someone can ask me David, I have tried but it’s very hard to come out of this addiction. You will can only come out of this addiction if you’re desperate for results. Galatians 5:19. The only way out is to daily have one hour prayers which will give you the strength to overcome this apetite daily. And why is the devil releasing this weapon now? So that at the end of the day, the moment you attacked sexual fabric of the society, the moment you have sexualised a generation and you have attacked the sexuality fabric, that society automatically is dead. Any society that does not have values is a dead society. You will make money, wealth, but at the end of the day, there’s a very element that is affected. And it it’s good to understand that all this is because of the desire of the flesh and there’s only one way to deal with the flesh is to crucify the flesh. Paul says, “I crucify my flesh daily. No short cut ladies and gentlemen. You will have to deal with your circle, you need to engage your body actively so that by the time you’re going to sleep you’re tired and you won’t be able to engage in masturbation. Psychologically they say, if you stay for 21 days without a habit, you develop another habit. That’s why in Rehab, the first 21 days is very crucial.

You’re at point you are and reading this article, I know this is the right to deal with this addiction. This are End Times let nobody cheat you. Jesus said, in the last days, just like the days of Sodom-what was in Sodom? It was the story of Gayism and lesbianism and those were days of perversiveness days of Sodom. There are two examples Jesus gave, he said this is how you will know am about to come. I just like days of Noah, in those days, we had like 8 billion people in the world, the technology was in another that people were able to build the ark. We had human resource. In the days of Noah, we had intelligence which was on another level and because of that people abandoned God and started depending on their own intelligence. If you compare the Noah and this generation we are living in, it’s very similar. Romans 1 says, these people abandoned God and started building idols to worship them. People are now worshiping their Prados, V8, they are worshiping socialites, butts, boobs, people are worshiping online things.

We are living at a time when the atmosphere, the environment is sexualised. At the moment you see people going online and promoting orgies Nyonga Festival (#Masturbation) festival. Listen we are born in a time when it was prophesied that such perversion will and must happen. If you don’t know the hour and time we are living, you will find out this system has swept you and it’s very dangerous. This is the time we are living and you can clearly see now the spirit of the anti-christ is being released. A lot of people think that it’s a person will arise in Europe and wage war between Europe and Israel but Thessalonians speaks about the spirit of the anti-christ. That name anti-christ means against Christ and this is the philosophy of the Illuminati, “Do Thou what thy will” and this is the foundation of LBGQT. Have you realised when people come out and say I’m in this group, people will start telling him/her, just do what will make you feel good.


Nyonga Festival

Let me explain to you, in the whole animal kingdom, man is the most intelligent. Therefore, the moment we move from being intelligent and we start using our feelings, we start losing our radar from the animal kingdom because even the Lion does not operate on feelings, the lion operates on instincts. So the biggest argument of LBGQT in this era is; they feel they were created that way. Ladies and gentlemen, our lives were not created nor run by feelings. The moment you enter in the level of feelings we are losing it and thus our generation. Feelings cannot sustain our society. So if you look at it holistically, you will discover the time we are living is evil/wicked. It was prophesied that these things will happen as it was in the days of Sodom.

So if I’m asked today my take on LBGQT, there are three reasons for one to be a LBGQT, there’s no person who wakes up and say from when I was a child, I have been feeling like this, there are underlying issues and I will quickly state them:

  1. Either you were abused sexually when you were a kid and you ended up hating either boys or girls or either hating everything. That was the trigger, if you don’t deal with that abuse you will start looking for justifications
  2. Being raised in a broken family. Your mother was being beaten by your dad or your mum used to abuse your father so in your heart you ended up hating men or women, so that pain is the one that made you to adjust.
  3. Raped or sodomised. Mostly in this boarding single schools these things do happen.
  4. Perversion: You are just a pervert, because of watching pornography, you just decide why not try it out.
  5. The spirit of the hour: the anti-christ spirit.
  6. Self-esteem-people reffering to you the opposite gender because of your physique and these voices start to be more loud than that of the creator. All these is just a struggle of identity and self-esteem.
  7. Pressure from the west and the money behind it.

If you ask me, this is a spiritual issue that doesn’t need policy, we only need to sit down with our teenagers and young men and we open scriptures for them and tell them this is what the bible says and we are living in the End Times and all these things were prophesied. If we don’t do that we shall enter into that level of do what you feel. The Bible does not allow us to do what we feel. The Bible says, them that love the father obey his commandment. The church has been accused of not allowing the LGBQT community, the bible says, them that he loves he disciplines. There’s this scripture that people always use to justify: “if you have not sinned, be the first one to throw the stone. What they don’t do is to read till the end. Because at the end Jesus tells the woman, go and sin no more, meaning if the lady would have gone back to sinning there would be consequences.  So those who are loved by God are judged and are punished because the love of God is expressed by discipline.

The Church is a place of love and it’s being guided by principles and things that are written and which in this case is the Bible. I didn’t write the bible, all that is written I also obey, I cannot bend the bible to try to justify what is ungodly. At the end of the day I will be judged by what is written. LGBQT’s can go to church but they should not force to change the style of God’s Kingdom to fit theirs. If you go to a western country today, you cannot  change their constitution to accommodate your style because you’re coming from an African country. When you come to the Kingdom, you need to accept to live with the rules and principles of the Kingdom. If they’re tough/hard, move out because unfortunately this Kingdom has rules which are derived from the Bible which is the breath of God. Unfortunately as I write, this Gaysim is already in the church, we have pastors, deacons who are in that practice, husbands, our role is to share the truth and pray for them because at the end of the day we will be judged not by feelings but what is written.

May God bless you!


  • The bitter truth that this generation needs to hear and that is what it takes to practice the true religion.

  • I have read so many posts about the blogger lovers however this post is really a good piece of writing, keep it up

  • I have read so many posts about the blogger lovers however this post is really a good piece of writing, keep it up

  • whoah this blog is wonderful i really like reading your articles. Keep up the great paintings! You realize, a lot of people are hunting round for this info, you could help them greatly.

  • whoah this blog is wonderful i really like reading your articles. Keep up the great paintings! You realize, a lot of people are hunting round for this info, you could help them greatly.

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