The Unspoken Importance of Mothers

The Unspoken Importance of Mothers

In the fast-paced world of social media, a few weeks ago, a Twitter thread caught my attention. The handle @polo_kimani sparked a conversation about the complex relationships some young men have with their mothers. One tweet, in particular, stood out: “Personally, I can’t talk for more than three minutes with my mother, because there’s nothing to talk about, maneno imeisha… it’s not that I hate her or anything, nimegrow tu hivyo.”

Another user shared, “Mine hunipigia kuniambia progress ya mimea kwa shamba, wanyama na wafanyikazi wako hapa wanataka pesa, nothing more.” The sadness in these tweets prompted me to reflect on the crucial role mothers play in our lives.

Growing up, my mother was a tough disciplinarian, raising a bunch of boys and one girl. At times, her toughness seemed harsh, but today, I appreciate the values it instilled in us. The memories of being disciplined until questioning the identity of the person behind the stern voice linger, and they shaped who we are today.

Now, as a parent myself, I can’t help but feel a void when I realize my children will never know their grandmother. There’s a unique bond and wisdom that only a mother can provide. As I read through those tweets, I couldn’t help but think about the lessons hidden in the struggles these individuals faced with their mothers.

The tweet that struck a chord with me read, “Bwana, my mum amewai nifanya nilale cell. Always a kwa family gathering if ever, I was the topic, haujawai kua side yangu. I once confronted her akasema ati hanipendi juu nafanana na Mzee. Tangu hii siku, nilijua women deserve less.” This heartbreaking experience serves as a reminder that the relationships we build with our mothers greatly impact our perception of women as a whole.

Mothers might not always express their love in conventional ways, but their care and concern manifest uniquely. The tweets reveal the struggles these individuals faced, from strained conversations to feeling neglected or misunderstood. However, these hardships shouldn’t overshadow the fundamental importance of mothers.

Despite any differences, it’s crucial to let go of grievances. The phone calls lamented about, where mothers seemingly only ask for money, are moments to cherish. As we navigate the challenges of adulthood, we often forget that the very people we perceive as nagging are the ones who have our best interests at heart.

The emptiness felt in a home after a mother is gone is irreplaceable. It’s a stark reminder of the void that exists when that unconditional love is no longer present. Lessons learned too late can be the most profound. So, let’s appreciate our mothers while they are still with us. Let’s answer their calls, even if it’s just to talk about mundane things or to lend a helping hand.

Mothers are indeed special. They shape our character, provide unwavering support, and offer a love that transcends understanding. In a world that often takes familial bonds for granted, these tweets serve as a poignant reminder: cherish your mother, for her importance goes beyond what words can express.

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