Let Us Not Forget What They Have Done-Died Suddenly

Let Us Not Forget What They Have Done-Died Suddenly

TRAGIC: Claire Bridges was a 21 year old model when she received the mRNA vaccine  Clair ended up having legs amputated due to blood clots, and now suffers from myocarditis & kidney failure.

Stickers of the dead who were killed by the experimental mRNA vaccine are posted on windows of the BBC. Spelling out: “Tell the truth” and “Jabs Kill”

One of the most heart breaking  stories: Mel Cabana was 6 years old when she was taken to the hospital with flu symptoms. She subsequently received two heart procedures and began to breathe on her own, but ultimately #diedsuddenly after suffering a “massive stroke.”

A mother in Utah broke her silence & revealed that her healthy son developed blood clots in his brain 9 days after receiving the first dose of the experimental mRNA vaccine.  Nearly a year later, another blood clot formed in his right leg & moved to his lungs.

BREAKING: Children do not just DIE SUDDENLY. The phenomenon is so unusual people don’t even know how to respond. If you’ve not taken a CPR Class. Please register for one.

Young, vaccinated Americans are dying suddenly at an alarming rate. The directors of the documentary “Died Suddenly” joined @EmeraldRobinson to discuss what they’ve uncovered.

American Idol contestant C.J Harris #diedsuddenly at the age of 31. The singer suffered an ‘apparent heart attack’ in his hometown in Alabama.

Never forget how easy it was for them to lie to you.

The new normal.

A 20-year-old college student in Colorado has #diedsuddenly Jack Madison “passed away in his sleep” according to the Colorado College men’s tennis team- who were absolutely devastated by his sudden passing. No explanation or cause of death has been revealed, yet.

An extremely terrifying vaccine reaction. This poor girl… What have they done to us?

NEW: Derek M. Chavez, a production supervisor in the film industry, has #diedsuddenly after suffering a fatal heart attack. His wife stated: “I don’t have answers right now. I can’t even wrap my head around what is going on. But I do know that is he is not coming back.”

HEARTBREAKING: Young gymnast got the vaccine in order to become a gymnastics coach. She was left with her entire nervous system destroyed after her second dose of Pfizer  She will probably never be able to do gymnastics again.

The Ice is breaking

A 45 year old BBC broadcaster has come forward saying that she suffered a “serious stroke” 2 weeks ago- severely impairing her speech. Jennie Gow said she was “desperate” to make a full recovery, but it is going to take some time.

The CDC has announced that it is investigating the causing strokes. Both the Media AND the CDC have known this for at least a year- and still pushed the anyway. It’s only now with new rash of excess deaths, are they starting to retract. Never forget.

Remember, the Media had no problems with the vaccine when Pfizer was buying up all of their ad space.

UPitt Pharma student Lindsay Heck has #diedsuddenly at 25 years old. “Lindsay loved teaching students, doing research, running multiple vaccine clinics, and sharing her passion and knowledge with others”  Her father died of cardiac arrest two weeks after.

Cardiologist on BBC news calls for a HALT in the Covid 19 vaccine rollout due to PROVEN cardiac issues and excess deaths.

Former Alabama running back Ahmaad Galloway, 42 years old, appears to have died suddenly in his apartment of “unknown” causes.

This JABBED rapper said “only people with the vax in their blood should be saved at the hospital.”…. she just DIED SUDDENLY. How many more victims do we need to publish?

Wake Up Now!








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