Let It Start In Me: The Call For Revival

Let It Start In Me: The Call For Revival

As the year began, many Evangelical pastors in Kenya announced the onset of a revival. Yet, as I observe the state of the Church, it becomes clear that Kenya has yet to experience this revival. Instead of seeing signs of spiritual awakening, we witness increasing iniquity, selfishness, and community outcry. Reflecting on this, the song “Let it Start with Me” by the Gaither Vocal Band echoes persistently in my mind. This song emphasizes personal responsibility in igniting revival, urging each of us to begin the change within ourselves.

urging each of us to begin the change within ourselves.

Signs of Revival According to Acts 2:36-47

The early Church in the Book of Acts provides us with a template for genuine revival, marked by twelve clear signs:

  1. Emphasis on Jesus (Acts 2:36): True revival centers on Jesus Christ. It’s about making Him known, focusing on His life, death, and resurrection. In Kenya, a revival would mean churches prioritizing the message of Jesus above all else.
  2. Repentance (Acts 2:37-38): Revival stirs a deep sense of conviction leading to repentance. It’s about turning away from sin and turning towards God. This repentance should be evident in personal lives and within the community.
  3. A Passion for Prayer (Acts 2:42): A revived church is characterized by a fervent prayer life. This includes both individual and corporate prayer, seeking God’s face earnestly and continually.
  4. Hunger for the Word (Acts 2:42): Revival brings a renewed desire to study and obey God’s Word. People crave spiritual nourishment, diving deeply into the Scriptures.
  5. A Burden for the Lost (Acts 2:40): A heart for evangelism and a desire to see others come to faith in Christ is a hallmark of revival. There’s a genuine concern for the spiritual well-being of others.
  6. Increase in Salvations (Acts 2:41, 47): When revival hits, many come to faith. There’s a noticeable increase in people accepting Christ and committing their lives to Him.
  7. A Surge in Callings to Ministry and Missions (Acts 4:20): Revival often prompts people to dedicate their lives to ministry and missions. There’s a rising number of individuals feeling called to serve God in various capacities.
  8. The Manifest Presence of God (Acts 2:40, 43): Revival brings a palpable sense of God’s presence. Miracles, signs, and wonders often accompany this, reaffirming God’s active involvement in His people’s lives.
  9. Greater Generosity Toward the Work of God (Acts 2:45): Revival softens hearts and opens hands. People become more generous, supporting the church and its mission with their resources.
  10. Greater Frequency of Corporate Gatherings for Worship and Prayer (Acts 2:46): A revived church meets more frequently to worship, pray, and study the Word together. There’s a sense of community and shared purpose.
  11. Increased Fellowship Among Christians (Acts 2:46): Revival fosters deep, meaningful relationships among believers. There’s a noticeable increase in unity and mutual support.
  12. Favor with the Community (Acts 2:47): When revival takes place, the church finds favor with the community. People outside the church notice the positive changes and are drawn to the faith.

“Let it Start with Me” – A Personal Call to Revival

The Gaither song “Let it Start with Me” captures the essence of personal revival beautifully:

There’s a dawn arising on a brand-new day
There’s a strong wind stirring ‘cross the ancient graves
There’s a voice that’s calling, “Will you be set free?”
There’s a change a-coming, let it start in me
Let it start in me
Let it start in me
There’s a change a-coming
Let it start in me

This song is a heartfelt plea for change to begin within each of us. It’s a reminder that revival isn’t just a corporate event; it starts on an individual level. Each line calls us to self-examination and commitment to God’s will.

Psalm 85:6-8 – A Cry for Revival

The Psalmist’s plea in Psalm 85:6-8 is timeless:

6 Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee?
7 Shew us thy mercy, O Lord, and grant us thy salvation.
8 I will hear what God the Lord will speak: for he will speak peace unto his people, and to his saints: but let them not turn again to folly.

This passage reminds us that revival brings joy, mercy, and salvation. It requires listening to God and turning away from folly.

Conclusion: The Personal Call to Revival

As we consider the signs of revival and the message of Let it Start with Me,” it becomes clear that true revival must begin within us. We must assess our relationship with the Most High, repent of any sin, and make Him the center of our lives. Only then can we see the broader revival that we yearn for in our churches and communities. Let the revival start in me, in you, and let it spread like wildfire, transforming our hearts and, subsequently, our nation.



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