Leave the World Behind-Review

Leave the World Behind-Review

By Inversionism

I finally watched “Leave the World Behind” last night, and while everyone is focused on the obvious predictive programming portrayed about a cyber pandemic and sonic/energy weapons bringing us into systemic collapse, there is another point that I think some people missed in regards to the daughter Rose being addicted to entertainment and the fake reality being created through movies and TV shows, and how much it has captured the mind of the youth into derealization, escapism, and completely contorted perceptions of what’s important, with these weird emotional attachments to celebrities and the characters they play as if they’re real.

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Within the first few minutes of the movie after the title scene, it shows her riding in the car watching Friends on her iPad before the internet goes out, and she asks her dad when they get back to the city to take her to see the Coffee shop in Friends, and he responds to her “I don’t think that’s real honey. It’s just a set”. This is setting the tone for her for the remainder of the movie. In the next scene, she wakes up her mom to complain about the internet still being out and how she has “incredible anxiety about how they’re going to wrap up the show”. Again this depicts the youth as being consumed by entertainment and TV to the point of making them mentally ill and anxious about fictional TV characters and how a show ends.

Later towards the end of the movie, she again wakes her brother to ask if she is never going to know how Rose and Rachael end up, and her brother asks why she cares so much about Friends. She says it’s because they make her happy, and “If there is any hope in this f–ked up world, we’ll at least find out how things turn out for them. I care about them”. The film ends with GH giving a speech about a 3 step plan he heard from his defense contractor client on how to topple a nation by making it so dysfunctional that it cannibalizes itself, before cutting to the end scene with Rose breaking into a wealthy home, inundating herself with toxic junk food and soda, roaming around the house until she enters the bunker, and then finding a TV and a wall of DVDs with her favorite show Friends.

The final scene is her playing an episode called “The Last One” and smiling mindlessly at the TV at the same time bombs are being dropped on cities nearby and sonic space-based weapons are deployed on the populace. Considering this movie was written by the same person behind the show Mr Robot, Sam Esmail, which was full of the same depictions of the typical brainwashed consumerist Americans fixated on celebrity worship, mindless entertainment, and political theater with elites at the top pulling the strings and manufacturing world events and controlling narratives, I think this movie is trying to convey a similar message beyond just the predictive programming about collapse, which already started years ago with the youth, as far back as the 60s.

Many people have become so exhausted, demoralized, and disillusioned with the world and all its insanities, that they’d rather just disconnect from all of it and get lost in entertainment and live through other people’s lives vicariously. This has become especially prevalent in the youth with their cellphone addictions and subsequent monstrous drops in intelligence and performance in school. Their mind and souls have been captured, monetized, and farmed for profit in this attention economy by criminal corporations that know exactly what they’re doing and how it’s destroying society.

The former Facebook executive Chamath said this years ago in that viral video about how social media was ripping apart society and that they created a monster, but this monster was created years ago with the advent of television and Hollywood, which we all know has been an arm of the CIA with this expressed purpose of destabilization, demoralization, degeneration, and the eventual collapse so they can rebirth their NWO from the ashes like a phoenix. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” –

Former CIA Director William Casey  sexual degeneracy, wokism, LGBTQ, and every other means of corrupting morals and degenerating their minds into slush that are easily controlled and subjugated once adults. So if you’re a parent reading this and you want to save your kid and the future of humanity from this monster of inverted degeneration, you need to start policing what they do with their devices and what content they’re consuming because it is having a profound and immeasurable impact on them and the future of America and the rest of the world.

The end scene with GH: ->”Because my primary client works in the defense, I spent a lot of time looking at the cost-benefit analysis of military campaigns. There was one program in particular that terrified my client the most. A simple 3 stage maneuver that could topple a country’s government from within.

The first stage is isolation. disable their communication and transportation. Make the target as deaf, dumb, and paralyzed as possible, setting them up for the 2nd stage. Synchronized chaos. Terrorize them with covert attacks and misinformation overwhelming their defense capabilities, leaving their weapon systems vulnerable to extremists in their military. Without a clear enemy or motive, people would start turning on each other. If done successfully, the 3rd stage would happen on its own.

So what’s the 3rd stage? A coup de tat, a civil war, collapse. This program was considered the most cost-effective way to destabilize a country because if the target nation was dysfunctional enough, it would in essence do the work for you. Whoever started this wants us to finish it.”

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