Kenyan Masses: Time to Rise and Demand Change

Kenyan Masses: Time to Rise and Demand Change

In Kenya, the phrase “burying their heads in the sand” has become an unfortunate reality for many citizens. Kenyans have long been hailed as resilient people, capable of enduring challenging circumstances and finding ways to overcome them. However, this very notion of resilience has often been exploited by their politicians. The promises made during the 2022 Presidential campaign, including better lives, economic growth, lower taxes, employment opportunities, and more, have fallen by the wayside. The cost of living has reached unprecedented heights, with fuel prices soaring, LPG gas becoming a luxury, and electricity tokens dwindling.

What’s baffling is the seeming acceptance of these hardships by the Kenyan people. They endure hunger rather than standing up for their rights, allowing the government to continue policies that burden them. It’s as though they’d rather rely on hope and sacrifice their properties than demand better and friendlier policies.

Contrast this with other nations like Ghana, South Africa, and France, where citizens are unafraid to agitate and protest for their rights. In these countries, mass mobilization and vocal demands have led to substantial changes in government policies. The key difference is that these citizens refuse to be divided along tribal lines, as is often the case in Kenya.

Notably, it’s often the residents of Nairobi’s slums who have spearheaded protests that instigate change in Kenya. Their efforts have shown that when Kenyans unite and take to the streets, they can be a formidable force in demanding change. However, during elections, the same Kenyans often choose leaders who end up exacerbating their problems.

It is high time Kenyans shed the “resilient” label they’ve embraced and recognize that they are not idiots but rather individuals being manipulated for the political class’s gain. The political circus has diverted their focus from vital issues, leading them to fight wars that politicians wage for their own benefit.

To create a brighter future for Kenya, its citizens need to reclaim their voices, demand accountability, and fight for their rights. The time for apathy is over; Kenyan masses must rise, mobilize, and actively participate in shaping their country’s destiny.

It’s time for Kenyans to be inspired by the actions of others around the world who stand up for their rights and refuse to accept injustice. By adopting a similar spirit of unity and protest, Kenyans can propel their nation towards a more equitable and prosperous future. The power to effect change lies within the people, and it’s time to harness that power for the betterment of Kenya.

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