The Job Interview Mind Games

The Job Interview Mind Games

Job interviews, often deemed as gateways to promising opportunities, can sometimes turn into mind-bending experiences. Beyond the seemingly straightforward questions and scrutinization of CVs lies a subtle game, leaving candidates with a mental and emotional toll.

The Salary Conundrum:

The pivotal moment in an interview arrives when the question of salary expectations surfaces. A seemingly innocent inquiry, it’s akin to a silent bidding war. Navigating this requires a delicate balance between understanding one’s worth and the employer’s budget. The dance of figures is strategic, and sometimes, it feels like a high-stakes gamble.

Why This Job?

Another perplexing question echoes: “Why do you want this job?” The irony lies in the fact that it is the company seeking to fill a position. The grueling interrogation prior to this point should already establish the candidate’s suitability. Yet, this question persists, requiring candidates to articulate their desire, often dancing around the unspoken truth – the job is a mutual need, not just the candidate’s.

The Rise of Mechanized Assessment:

The human touch in recruitment seems to be fading, replaced by mechanized assessment tools. While intended to identify the best candidates, these tools risk overlooking the human element. Nervous but capable candidates may fall through the cracks in this game of chance.

Bringing Back the Human Element:

In a world increasingly reliant on algorithms and automated processes, the plea arises – bring back the human face in recruitment. Beyond the checkboxes and algorithms, lies the essence of a candidate, nervous but capable, waiting to contribute to an organization.


Job interviews are indeed a game, filled with subtle nuances and strategic moves. Navigating this terrain requires not just expertise in the field but a keen understanding of the unspoken dynamics. It’s time for organizations to reconsider the impact of mind games and embrace a more humane approach to recruitment. After all, behind every CV is a person, seeking not just a job but an opportunity to contribute meaningfully to a shared vision.

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