Revolution of Education During COVID-19 Pandemic and After

Revolution of Education During COVID-19 Pandemic and After

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6

In March 2020, following school closures related to the COVID-19 outbreak, children have been staying with their children at home. Parents on the other hand have been wondering how they can indulge their children and keeping them busy at the same time safe.

Free Christian homeschooling materials are available to parents who need help and direction in educating their children at home. When choosing free materials, make sure that you are not sacrificing your child’s education for the free cost. Use materials that are age appropriate for your child and match your beliefs. A Christian homeschool education entails teaching academics as well as God’s word at home. The curriculum and material that is used should hold your child’s attention and help develop critical thinking skills. Free materials may sometimes provide a starting point for developing material of your own.

Free Christian Homeschooling Materials Online

Look for Christian free homeschooling materials that include full units of study online. The Heart of Wisdom, Easy Peasy All-in-oneHomeschool has dozens of free unit plans to choose from. The units of study in Christian homeschool education will include Biblical study, but if you find units that teach Evolution, consider exposing children to that unit of information as well, so that students will be aware of that theory and knowledgeable of what children in public schools learn, the Heart of Wisdom recommends. In addition to religious education, some of the free Christian homeschooling materials that can be found online, include lesson plans and units in Literature, Math, Science and Social Studies. It is also possible to use videos from YouTube in your lessons. You and your child can use a video posted by a YouTube user as a social studies lesson. Your child can discuss whether or not he/she agrees or disagrees with the person’s video and use critical thinking skills and research to back up the position.

Use the News

Additionally, lessons can be derived from videos from news Channels like CNN, BBC and other local news channels. Watch news footage with your child and use the footage as a current events lesson. The lesson can also be tied to a history for homeschoolers lesson. Here are some questions that may be used:

  • Has the event happened before?
  • How was the event significant to history?
  • What does this event tell us about life or changes that are occurring in your country?
  • What does this event tells us about humankind?
  • Why is the event important to us or should it be important?
  • Why do you think that this topic or event made the news?

Visit the Public Library

Good free resources for homeschoolers could be found in the public library. It may be necessary to supplement the materials with other curriculum or create extension lessons using the imagination.

  1. Get a three or four newspapers and ask your child or children to compare the top articles on the front pages of the three newspapers. It is best if the newspapers represent a local, and national newspapers with front page articles on the same topics.
  2. Discuss article placement with the child.
  3. Discuss the content of the articles, the word choices, and the quotes selected. Next, put the article in the context of the Bible.
  4. Teach a lesson, relating the text, to the child.
  5. Choose one of the articles and relate it to the Bible and God’s word. Ask for assistance from a clergyman if needed.

The library has plenty of readers for younger children. There are also typically, language books for learning a foreign language, and books and videos that help teach mathematics. Ask a librarian for help in finding these resources. Tell the librarian that you are homeschooling, mention the child’s age and suggest that books, videos and audio that may be helpful. Of course, tell the librarian the academic subjects that would be helpful. The library has study Bibles that relate the academics to life. The Bibles could be used to explore the Bible and God’s word. Just use some imagination and look around. There are lessons everywhere around you.

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