The Most High Created Time: Be Still!

The Most High Created Time: Be Still!

In Genesis 21:1, Sarah’s laughter reflects a moment of doubt, a common experience when faced with seemingly impossible promises. But as you rightly pointed out, it’s crucial to remember that the Most High, who created time itself, operates beyond our understanding of it. Just as He fulfilled His promise to Sarah in His perfect timing, He’s faithful to fulfill His promises to us.

The journey of faith often involves waiting and trusting, even when circumstances seem contrary to what we’ve been told. Like Abraham and Sarah, we may wonder why our prayers haven’t been answered yet. But our Father works all things for our good, and His timing is always perfect.

No matter how insurmountable our challenges may seem, God is infinitely greater. What appears as mountains to us are mere pebbles in His hands. When we fix our eyes on Him, the One who commands the winds and the waves, our fears dissipate, and miracles unfold.

So, to anyone who is on the verge of giving up, hold fast to your faith. Remember, your obstacles are no match for the power of the Most High. Trust in His promises, for in His perfect time, He will bring them to fruition. You are not alone on this journey; He is your fortress, your stronghold. Keep pressing on, and soon you’ll be singing praises to the One who always keeps His word.

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  • Thank you for reminding me how to be still, It’s hard when the storms are raging. I will continue to put my faith in the Most High God. All things are possible if we believe.

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