The writing is on the wall. I am seeing Satan’s plan to persecute Christians unfold. The censorship, the changes in the way we pray, are part of the plans to our persecution.

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The attack will not be on all people who call themselves Christian. It will be on those who hold onto the inerrancy and infallibility of scripture! Those 2 words mean that there are no errors in scripture and that scripture as it is does not ever need to be changed because it never fails. Just like fat free and gluten free or lite versions of foods the world has produced supposed Christians who are Bible free or Bible light! They are Holy Spirit free and Holy Spirit lite. Those are the very ones who Satan is using and will use to persecute the true Church

Remember, narrow is the gate that leads to Heaven! These Christians in name only do not consider Jesus as being perfect. Oh no, they have to fix Jesus so that He will be modernized with the times and be acceptable to the world’s view of love. Guess what, the “world” is going to hell along with anyone who does not worship God in Spirit and Truth! When you change what Jesus says or what the Bible says you are no longer worshipping the God of the Bible you are worshipping an idol! The Jesus that you fixed has become your idol because he is no longer the Jesus of the Bible!

Satan’s plan is to use followers of the fixed Jesus to join with the world to attack those who hold on to the true Jesus! A time is coming and is now here where it will not be acceptable to worship the Jesus of the Bible. We will be called intolerant, crazy, uninformed, people of hate, and domestic terrorists!

We better be grounded in our faith because the wind is blowing. We must take a stand on the Rock of ages! Some of us will be imprisoned! Some of us will be killed! The good news is that Jesus is with us and He will never leave nor foresake us even unto death! And when we do die we have the promise of Heaven. Therefore be grounded in your faith. Pray and study the Bible daily! Ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit and to give you wisdom and Spiritual discernment! Hold on to the truth and the truth will set you free! The truth has a name. That name is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!!!

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