Celebrating The “Flattened Curve” Life Goes On!

Celebrating The “Flattened Curve” Life Goes On!

There has been a lot of talks, conspiracies and theories on where our world is heading and most importantly POST-COVID if such a thing exists. In the beginning of this pandemic, I wrote an article Is Corona Virus a Decoy of New World Order? I made it clear that as much Coronavirus is real virus and that has killed people and it’s still killing, its rate is low. I also pointed out in the article, that COVID-19 is not just about one nation making a power play over another, it is about Globalization.

The response we saw from governments and organizations across the world was not proportionate to the Coronavirus threat. We saw the beginning of instant collapse of businesses, mainstream media along with the nations of the world created even more panic. No effort was made to calm the public, only scare them and explain they should wash their hands to avoid being infected with the virus. As days grew on, so did the level of panic world governments created. The world drilled phrases into our minds like “Social Distancing” a line and scenario they stole from the movie Contagion.

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Globally, schools, restaurants and other businesses were shuttered as if it was a designed chain reaction. Yes Coronavirus is real and its 2% killing rate didn’t warrant to lockdown the world at that point. There’s no doubt that we have arrived at a pivotal moment in world history, one that will forever change the course of the world. As I write to day the conditioning has taken effect and therefore the elite are good to go with their plans.

But let me take you back to the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony. This is where I want to base my thoughts as things are now unfolding. 

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On my view, the ceremony was a monumental satanic ritual performed in plain sight. However, at that time no one could be able to see that, though a few people saw it. The part in the clip that really scared me was the use of children in a field/cot and it was like the NHC are overwhelmed until they get some help from somewhere…is it the vaccine.

After making a hype of the virus, the WHO with the help of UNICEF is now pushing for the safe opening of schools by governments even as cases of the COVID-19 disease continue to rise. (Remember, vaccines are now on trials world over). A joint statement of the WHO and UNICEF urges governments not to be blind sided by the efforts to contain COVID-19 as this would end up with a lost generation. (To save this lost generation, they have to be vaccinated). But what even makes their push suspect is the timing. “Just as countries are opening businesses safely, we can reopen schools,” said WHO Regional Director for Africa Matshidiso Moeti. Dr Moeti said a survey done in 39 countries in sub-Saharan Africa revealed that schools are fully open in only six countries. “They are closed in 14 countries and partially open (exam classes) in 19 others. A dozen countries are planning to resume classroom learning in September, which is the start of the academic year in some countries.” Doesn’t it hit you that in ten developed countries their Academic Calendar starts in September and going with Pope Francis endorsement of Global Education Pope Francis endorsement of Global Education a lot of things are going to happen and change and I fill our children are the target. Are our numbers dropping, I doubt. I just think our government has decided what Trump decided to do in America, reduce the testing and the numbers will fall.

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What makes this debate interesting is when World Bank says, “School closures in sub-Saharan Africa could result in lifetime earning losses of $4,500 per child Additionally, parents forced to stay in homes that cannot afford to hire nannies or caregivers are restricted from seeking outside work to boost family incomes. This may also be worsened by reduced earnings as they stay at home to take care of the children. The concern is Africa, does it ring a bell?

Remember, with the bungled of the COVID-19 monies, the government doesn’t have money to buy reagents, and so no testing. Therefore with the push by these International Organizations, schools will be re-opened. It’s all about the money. Schools to get Sh1.6bn in readiness for reopening

There’s been confusion on when schools should be opened with pressure coming from a few elites who want schools to be opened. However, parents should ask themselves if it’s true COVID-19 is serious and deadly, are our public schools, local private schools ready to reopen and safeguard their children. Remember, a school need to have enough water to wash hands regularly and even social distance. These are concerns that parents should ask the government. Remember, every time the elites want to push an agenda, they will use “people”. Parent files petition seeking to have schools reopened in September this year.

The elites have no interest with your children, it’s us parents to decide what is best for our children. For those who would want to test Homeschooling, there are several great sites where you can get materials and guidance to homeschool your Children. Example is https://allinonehomeschool.com/, For now stay safe, your child’s responsibility is with you not even the government.


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