AI Unveiled: ChatGPT and Deepfake- Read this Critical Warning!

AI Unveiled: ChatGPT and Deepfake- Read this Critical Warning!

Today I am bringing to you a very special and an imperatively important message that I want  you to pay attention to and I want you  to share this with friends that need  to read this message. This is very important!

It it is incredible in what it is intuitive  in its ability to interact with you on. it can write movie scripts or plays with not  just characters and plots but scenarios and backgrounds and backstory and nuance to it  and it spits it out in about three seconds. It can write term papers and so of course right now it’s a huge problem because as University

It also understands you if you spell wrong when you’re asking it questions. I asked it, what are some of the worst case scenarios in using AI in regards to humans and this is what it said:

I’ve only shared with you about the text portion of this but there is just as Sinister a side of this that is for images. It can take and and just like your camera, already knows if you’ve scrolled through the gallery on your camera or your phone. It can recognize all of Aunt Mary’s photos. Well AI obviously can do that it  knows every single time your face has appeared on the movie screen, on the television, on the computer screens, in social media, anywhere that you’ve gone that has had camera surveillance that is recognizing your face. if you have been following the news you  understand that in China right now there’s the Social Credit System where they have 3D imagery  of your face that’s already in the system, they recognize who you are and they know where you work, your age, your weight, your social security number and all of your medical history, what  you’ve done wrong and gotten in trouble with the law on before, whether you’ve paid your taxes and on and on. They know every single food item you buy for the  week and how much you’ve exercised and so forth.
This technology is not just in China, it’s currently in the USA and many of these European countries. Currently, there’s a lot of money that has been poured by the globalist to Africa in order to introduce the Digital ID  which will further push the introduction of CBDC all these is to further control and track the masses.
We’re living in the  end times, it’s going to be almost indiscernible and so you must train yourself on knowing how to  identify what is right and Real and True and warn your family about even participating in feeding the Beast so to speak as you. Use this technology,  that’s so exciting, that’s so intriguing and yet it can easily be manipulated to do a great deal of  danger.
Thank you for letting me warn you today, I hope you take me very seriously and go out and do your own research for yourself this is absolutely Sinister it is something that none of us  should take lightly and think, oh, that’s just the  newest technology. This is already changing  the face of the world and will for you, your children and your grandchildren. Become educated  and know what you need to do to protect yourself. I would love to share with  you a quick word this is from Psalm 32:8, the Bible says, I will instruct you and  teach you in the way that you should go I will counsel you with my eye upon you. 
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