A Violin Maestro In The Making

A Violin Maestro In The Making

Ayugu Ian Mmayi was born in Kakamega County, where his talent for music was nurtured while studying music in high school- Booker Academy, where he played the trumpet. He Started playing violin in campus second year. He remembers a lady called Makandi who owned a violin but never knew how to play it. By then, he only had the simple basics and so he used to play “row row row” your boat and that made her to be so happy and she gave Ian her violin to continue to master his skills and at the same time to teach her how to play the violin. Meanwhile a friend to his roommate called Nanzala used to play guitar, so we would learn songs and play together as I taught her (Makandi). His lessons with her did not last for long as she was a final year student and so she gave him her violin.

Ian performing

Ian remembers his first gig was in a graduation party of one of their Lab technicians, then slowly he started curtain raising for plays in campus, then small gigs in school. He eventually met Musumba who owns a music school in Nakuru-Damon Music Academy  where he was employed as violin instructor but at the same time performing in churches, schools as a means marketing the school.

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Ian at Damon Music Academy

There was also spoken word monthly event which he used attend and started playing along to spoken word artists. Slowly, one gig led to another and eventually he met Emos who used to host an acoustic weekly show at Moca Loca Coffee Lounge where he paid Ian 1,500/- every Sunday which was a super motivation. Remember, Ian was a Vet student at that time and so the pocket money meant a lot at that time.

Biggest shows He has performed was in 2017, a dinner party at En Blanc, he has also performed in other hotels like Serena Sweet Waters Lodge Nanyuki, Sarova Woodlands Nakuru, Merica Hotel Nakuru and many more. By the way, he also performs in funerals and Birthdays. His dream is to play with Nairobi Philharmonic Orchestra  and maybe London Orchestra . He wish to inspire many people especially youths  through music.

Ian performing at a funeral

For bookings, you can e-mail Ian on: ianosayugu@gmail.com or call/WhatsApp: 0702955677. He is also on Instagram: @ayugu_violinist, Twitter: @AyuguIan, Youtube: Ayugu Violinist and Facebook: Ayugu Violinist.

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