2022 FIFA World Cup Ritual

2022 FIFA World Cup Ritual

Virtually every major Public event is about Portals Many show an overlap between Portals & UFOs/Aliens This is the case with the World Cup 2022.

The World Cup created a Mascot for the event named La’eeb It’s designed after the headdress worn in the region, it also looks like a Ghost as it’s a Spirit from a Parallel Universe called the Mascot-Verse.

La’eeb was first revealed at the FIFA World Cup draw back on April 1 in Doha, Qatar, and joins a long tradition of mascots launched ahead of every FIFA World Cup.

“La’eeb is a fun and mischievous character who comes from the mascot-verse, a parallel world where all tournament mascots live,” read an announcement published by FIFA.

“La’eeb can be a figment of your imagination. He is whoever a football fan wants him to be.”

For a mascot meant to be figment of someone’s imagination, FIFA still managed to find many adjectives used to describe it, including “courageous”, “uplifting”, “fun”, “playful”, “mischievous”, “youthful”, and an “adventurous spirit.”

La’eeb explains that the Spirits in his realm are creations of our thoughts/beliefs = Egregores. He creates a Portal to enter the Mascot-Verse.

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La’eeb says these Spirits are the source of our discoveries/creations/innovations. He says, the Spirits have been trying to contact humans forever, but we misinterpreted these encounters as ETs, Big Foot, Lochness Monster etc He says Humans should unite with these Spirits.

La’eeb gained the job as the World Cup Mascot by displaying his ability to create & travel through Portals He warns that they are unpredictable & dangerous.

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The Nike World Cup ad featured a “Footballverse” with a Particle Accelerator Portal.

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This is the Opening Ceremony with Morgan Freeman saying he “embarked on a journey through a world of both man and sea” A Portal is shown, & a Whale Shark swims out of the Ocean into the Clouds = Opening of the Abyss Waters Below & Above.

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He says we heard a call to return to what brings us together, uniting us toward one goal Qatar’s Monoliths are shown here, and elsewhere in the World Cup Artwork.

The World Cup Programming fits all the Programming of the Portal Opening for Interdimensional Entities. This is the Project Blue Beam Invasion, that many figures say will be cause for a One World Government. This appears to be the message of this ceremony and Morgan Freeman repeatedly talks about a call to unite all the different people into one home, under one tent.

It appears that Morgan Freeman is framed as God reaching out his hand, giving life to man in the conspiracy community, there’s the resonator theory, that actors are chosen to play a specific role throughout their career & life.

Morgan Freeman has played God in Bruce & Evan Almighty. He founded Revelations Entertainment, which created The Story of God with Freeman. Why is Freeman playing this role during this ceremony? The arrival of Aliens can be used to cause a lack of faith in God As the stories of Angels/demons will be replaced with aliens. The programming is that man created God (possibly even as an Egregore).

The egregore angle appears again in the song “Dreamers” Jung Kook performed during the Opening Ceremony “Here’s to the ones that can imagine

The Door is open now every day

We make it happen cause we believe it

We make it happen cause we can see it”

The World Cup symbol is an Infinity Sign/8. The Infinity Sign, 8, & Ouroboros are all associated with Portals.

The Infinity Sign also = the Moons Path. In the sky, Moon completes orbit in 28 Days, the length of the World Cup. There were Eclipse images during the ceremony=Portals Along with Black Sun, Black Cube, Hexagon, Pyramid imagery etc.

In the Tomorrow War, Humans from the Future open a Portal during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to warn that humanity is fighting a war against Aliens.

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Based on the context of all this info, I have to note the One World Religion & pantheist angles. Freeman talked about uniting all the people on Earth, La’eeb talked about uniting humans with the Spirits.

Let’s see.. 6,500 = 11 = Portals. Also, it is said that 6,500 migrant workers have died while building the stadiums, infrastructure, etc. do you think it’s a form of sacrifice? Also it’s the 22nd World Cup, 2nd Master Number after 11 & another Portal Number. World Cup Ends at start of Saturnalia.

So, it may appear like I’m oversimplifying things sometimes. Everything is very layered, the Alien Deception reason I added in this thread is one of many. But it’s involvement in this ceremony is especially significant, as another reason for the Portal-UFO/Alien overlap for the psychic/spiritual attacks that will follow the Portal Opening

There’s a constant pattern in the programming of aliens having Telepathic/psychic abilities they use to control people’s minds & that humans make deals with aliens to accelerate human development, or they even just become possessed. This is shown with La’eeb explaining they are the source for our creations & development.

Credit to: @theNDExperience,  https://twitter.com/theNDExperience


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