You Are A Star

You Are A Star

David was our first paid employee of TNR Trust and he certainly set the bar high!

I was certain that I wanted to hire David in our interview when he mentioned that he had a childhood dog, named Sadam!

David exemplified the organic, can do spirit of TNR Trust. When David started, we had no office, he was sat in a storeroom at my house, never a complaint, just hard work. We were making things up as we went in the early days, it was all new, and David was there with good suggestions, ideas and plenty of roll up his sleeves commitment.

Even though David had a proper job description, he never shied away from things needing to be done; from attending & taking notes at a government meeting, packing the mobile clinic, helping Daktari catch and transport dogs, stopping & directing traffic so we could maneuver the mobile clinic on campaign sites, jumping on a boda to go and buy something needed at a campaign.

David was brilliant at handling the front part of campaigns. That’s where the really interesting stuff happens; crowd control, catching escaped cats, dealing with drunks, making sure the volunteers were organized and knew what they were supposed to be doing. One of David’s best attributes besides his good nature was the way that when a problem arose, he usually had an idea or a solution in mind already!

David will be sorely missed.

From Amy Rapp TNR Trust Founder and Managing Trustee.

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