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Dear Parents Cover Your Children In Prayers-The Portals are Open

1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil walketh about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

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The Importance Of Being A Courageous Father In A Failing World

In a world that is filled with uncertainty, it is more important than ever for fathers to be courageous. It is our responsibility to protect and provide for our families, and to do so we must be brave.

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My Prayers To Fathers 2022 Going Forward

Be careful of what you entertain, sin fascinates before it assassinates.

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The Sexual Revolution & Its Consequences To The Family Today

“The Sexual Revolution of the 1960s had disastrous consequences for the West. The Cultural fallout from this experiment has been vast, like an atomic bomb dropped on the family unit, it continues to impact the happiness of human beings today.”

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Parents: We Will Be Accountable To God

But of this one thing be sure: we do not own any of our children; we are stewards, and we will be accountable to God for our role in their lives.

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I Will Guide My Family By God’s Grace.

I have already made my decision as a father. You don’t have to ask who will guide my family because by God’s grace I will.

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6 Unforgettable Lessons on Fatherhood

“I never wondered if Jesus was the Lord of his heart and of our home.”

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Is Pornography Destroying Your Marriage? There’s Hope

If porn is involved anywhere in your marriage (with you, your spouse, or even both of you), then there is no “happily ever after.”

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Sex is The Bonding Agent That God Designed!

Sex is the bonding agent that God designed, to bind a man and a woman together for life. That’s why separating from a sexual partner is painful.

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