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Kenya at the Crossroads: A Nation Under Judgment

Introduction Kenya, a nation known for its diverse culture, stunning landscapes, and resilient people, now stands at a crossroads. The signs of impending judgment are becoming all too clear, as the nation grapples with a series of challenges stemming from the actions of its leaders. From political mismanagement to unjust policies, Kenya’s path seems eerily […]

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William Ruto’s Dance with the West: A Puppet in Pan-Africanist Clothing

In the ever-evolving world of international politics, Kenya’s President William Ruto finds himself in a precarious position, walking a tightrope between his professed Pan-African ideals and his actions as a puppet manipulated by Western powers. Ruto’s ascent to power in the 2022 General Election may have been facilitated by Western support, but the implications of […]

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Pursuing True Revival: A Biblical Perspective

Moreover, as Kenyans, we must not neglect the call for theological discernment. Being labeled a Christian nation is insufficient if we lack the wisdom to distinguish between authentic revival and mere spectacle.

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Nairobi Feline Sanctuary: A Beacon of Hope for Cats in Need

The sanctuary is not just a shelter; it’s a family united by a shared goal—to provide refuge, medical care, and love to Nairobi’s feline population.

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Navigating Economic Challenges: Strategies for Kenyan Employees and Investors

I don’t believe politicians, and I don’t trust government. If you do either you are a sucker.~David Ndii

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Navigating the Temptations of Pornography: A Biblical Perspective

Introduction: Pornography has long been associated with men, but the landscape is changing rapidly. Today, women are increasingly consuming explicit content, and this shift raises concerns about its impact on individuals and marriages. While some may argue that it spices up relationships, others, including the author, believe that porn can be a destructive force. This […]

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Resurrecting the JUMP Bikes In Kenya

These JUMP bikes, after being acquired by Lime, saw an uncertain fate, with many being sent to Africa, primarily Kenya, to assist students who face grueling daily walks to school.

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The Art of Preparation: A Lesson from Biblical Wisdom

As the rain approaches, may we be like the farmer, ready to receive the blessings it brings. Prepare yourself, for indeed, the rain is coming.

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Divine Redemption: Lessons from Tamar and David

These stories, though seemingly unconventional, offer profound insights into God’s sovereignty, favor, and the transformative power of faith.

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